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Samsung unveils the Galaxy S3

Samsung is announcing what many have dubbed as one of the most anticipated gadgets in 2012 ‚ the Samsung Galaxy S3, and as with most major announcements, the rumours are flying around the Internet. SEAN BACHER tunes into the launch at the Earls Court Olympic venue in London to find out what can be expect from the new smartphone.

Rumour: The Galaxy S3 will be called the Next Galaxy.

Fact: It is official the new Samsung Galaxy phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will use the Exynos 4 Quad chip.

Fact: Yes, it uses that exact CPU.

Rumour: The new Galaxy will be packing 2GB of RAM.

Fact: The Galaxy S3 will use only 1GB or RAM.

Rumour: It will use a rounded and flexible display with a boasting a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, putting it on a par with the iPhone 4S.

Fact: The Galaxy S3 offers a screen resolution of 1280 x 720.

Rumour: The new Galaxy will use a 12MP flush mounted camera, a 2MP front-facing camera and include NFC technology.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will run the Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Fact: It will run Android 4 with the Samsung TouchWiz skin on top of it.

Rumour: The new Galaxy S3 will be waterproof.

Fact: No mention of the smartphone being waterproof was made at the launch, but a variety of scratch, dust and water resistant covers will be made by 3rd party vendors.

Rumour: Customers will be able to choose between a 16GB and 32GB version.

Fact: A 16, 32 and 64GB version of the Galaxy S3 will be available.

Rumour: It will use an edge-to-edge Super AMOLED 4.6″ HD display.

Fact: The Samsung Galaxy will use 4.8″” Super AMOLED screen.

Rumour: It will uses a 1 800mAh non-removable battery and won’t include an SD card slot.

Fact: The new Galaxy S3 will use a 2 100mAh battery.

Rumour: It will be able to charge wirelessly.

Fact: Yes, it charge wirelessly.

Rumour: The Galaxy S3 will be only 7mm thick due to the use of printed circuit boards.

Fact: It is 8.6mm thick.

Rumour: It will offer LTE connectivity.

Fact: The Galaxy S3 will first be available in 3G and then later in 4G.

Rumour: It is voice controlled.

Fact: The Samsung Galaxy S3 recognises your voice using S-Voice and lets you take pictures using your voice. It understands up to eight lanuages.

Rumour: It copies your moods.

Fact: The SmartStay feature stays awake when you are, falls asleep when you do.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy switches on by you just looking at it.

Fact: The front facing camera activates the phone when you look at it.

Rumour: The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be Bluetooth 4 capable.

Fact: Yes, the phone will support Bluetooth 4.

After the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it announced its media hub, which allows you to download 17-million songs and hundreds of high-definition videos.

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I saw something about a protective cover – you got any details on that?

No mention was made about the phone being waterproof, but a variety of covers will be made available.


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