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Samsung, Tracker, deliver Shout app

Samsung, in partnership with Tracker have launched the SHOUT app. The app is available for free from the Samsung Apps store and is designed to help its users stay safe and fight crime.

Samsung Electronics, in partnership with Tracker have launched the SHOUT app ‚ an Android smartphone application developed as part of the SHOUT SA campaign in an aim to assist in making SA a safer place for all.

SHOUT SA Initiative:

The SHOUT SA is an initiative driven by local musicians Danny K and Kabelo, who launched SHOUT after the tragic passing of South Africa legend – Lucky Dube – due to an act of crime. SHOUT aims to make South Africa a safer place for all its citizens, giving South African’s a voice whereby they can stand up, shout and make a difference to the crime in this country. The SHOUT app is a natural extension of this goal.

Says Deon Liebenberg, MD of Samsung Electronics SA: ‚Crime remains a very relevant part of the life of the daily South African and it is with this in mind, that at Samsung, considering the growth of mobility and the fact that smartphones are fast becoming the mobile device of choice, we believe that we can play a role in aiding the fight against crime. The Samsung Apps team is proud to be associated with Tracker and SHOUT SA, in creating this first of its kind Android application to put the power of crime fighting in the hands of smartphone consumers across SA.‚

Says Bronwynn Tippett, Marketing Manager at Tracker: ‚It is a great privilege for us as a business to be involved with SHOUT SA and the Samsung SHOUT app. Tracker is a powerful force for good in SA, where we are dedicated to bringing down crime and truly Taking Back Tomorrow for all people. Our purpose is for all people in our country to have the freedom to drive. Being a part of this application is just another step toward achieving this.‚

The SHOUT app will be free to download from the Samsung Apps store and comes standard with 3 key features including SOS, Crime Search and Hotspot Notification and downloads and donations, aimed at empowering the mobile device user with the tools to not only keep safe, but to fight crime, and is downloadable from April 2012.

SOS feature:

The SOS feature allows users to quickly call for help using a ‚panic button’ built into the application and shown as a widget on the mobile device screen. Here, the user will have the option of requesting the following types of help via SOS:

· Ambulance

· Fire

· Police

Upon selecting the relevant icon, the user will be asked if they are sure that they want to place this SOS call. The application then uses GPS to determine the nearest police station, fire station or hospital.

Crime Search and Hotspot Notification:

The SHOUT app will include a mapping tool which will plot crimes that were reported in the vicinity of the users’ current location. By navigating the map and selecting a specific crime the user will be able to obtain the details of the reported incident. Users will be able to search for crimes by specifying the location, type or time frame of the crime.

Furthermore, through this feature, the mobile devices GPS will be used to determine when the user enters a crime hotspot. A crime hotspot is seen as an area where crime has been previously reported. When the user enters such a hotspot, the user will be notified with a warning regarding the fact they are entering a high crime area. Based on the number of reports previously received on a particular area, this feature will then rate the area accordingly on how unsafe it is.

Downloads and donations:

This application will allow the user to donate to the SHOUT SA campaign, paying by SMS or credit card, via two methods:

ÔÇ∑ A user can either download the latest SHOUT track called ‚You’re the voice’ or

 A user can donate an amount directly to SHOUT SA

‚Making a difference to the state of safety in South Africa is only something that can be achieved when we work together to fight crime. As a globally responsible corporate citizen and certainly one focussed on continuously building South Africa, we are excited about the outcomes that are sure to follow as together we can make a difference and inspire the future in the place we call home,‚ concludes Liebenberg.

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