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CeBIT: Fujitsu goes large on Cloud

At this week’s CeBIT fair, live from the SaaSifaction Factory, Fujitsu Siemens is helping companies move to the cloud with over 40 of its cloud-enabled software applications.

At CeBIT, Fujitsu is lifting software companies into the cloud, live from the SaaSification Factory on the Fujitsu booth in Hall Two.

Independent software vendors looking to get into the cloud and target new customers in global markets have given an overwhelmingly positive response to Fujitsu’s recruitment drive for its Business Solutions Store. Live workshops at CeBIT are five-times oversubscribed and more than 40 cloud-enabled software applications are already available in the Business Solutions Store. Announced late last year, the store proves that Fujitsu is executing on its vision of making the world of cloud-based solutions available to business of all sizes.

The Fujitsu Business Solutions Store already features a range of business applications, offered worldwide on a pay-as-you-use basis: end customers can switch to a pay-as-you-use model and escape from lock-in to software licensing models and regular maintenance payments.

Business benefits

Fujitsu is cloud-enabling applications for diverse business areas such as customer relationship management, document management, archiving, ERP solutions, infrastructure security and further business process intensive apps, such as HR systems.

As Fujitsu is not tied down by these legacy software licensing models, it is moving faster in the market than competitors to build out its Business Solutions Store. Fujitsu uniquely is offering software companies an innovative revenue-sharing and partnership model, backed by its billion dollar-plus investment in cloud computing.

By partnering with Fujitsu, the benefit for software houses is being able to offer software to new customers, worldwide, via the Fujitsu Business Solutions Store ‚ without upfront investment and without risk.

As a result of the response from software companies to its SaaSification initiative, Fujitsu has already expanded resources to help more vendors bring their software into the cloud. First statistics released by Fujitsu confirm that most companies succeed in integrating existing software into Fujitsu’s Global Cloud Platform within days of starting the Business Solutions Store uplift program. As a result, partners can open up new global business opportunities and revenue streams from customers who previously were too difficult or costly to reach.

Cloud-enablement live at CeBIT

At CeBIT, software companies that are interested in the benefits and process of reaching new customers via the FujitsuBusiness Solutions Store can learn more by visiting Fujitsu in Hall 2, Booth B52, where the Fujitsu SaaSification Factory is running live cloud-enablement sessions.

Underlining Fujitsu’s Rapid Cloud Integration guarantee, the workshops demonstrate how independent vendors can complete the uplift of their software to the cloud within a few business days. An early partner, German software firm BBL Software is already migrating its customers to the new cloud platform, as it moves away from legacy, license-based software. Saperion, a SaaSification Factory participant, targets online availability of its applications during CeBIT.

At CeBIT, representatives will be on hand from four companies to share their experience in already uplifting their software to the Fujitsu Business Solutions Store. Spokespeople from CIL of Portugal, German firms Apexnova, BBL Software and security software firm SSP will explain how the process of full commercial integration worked from the perspective of a software vendor.

Supporting quotes

Herbert Loerch, Chief Executive Officer at Saperion AG

‚The Business Solutions Store from Fujitsu is a fully-functional cloud ecosystem, and far more than just a marketing front-end with a link to our web site. Partnering with Fujitsu to bring our software to the cloud means we can focus on our core expertise of ECM Web Content Archiving. We have the peace of mind that Fujitsu is taking care of the entire cloud business services ecosystem, including online billing, payment collection, hosting and an online sales channel. This is priceless for any software vendor.‚

Andre Kiehne, Vice-President Cloud at Fujitsu Technology Solutions

‚Fujitsu continues to outpace the industry in creating a world-class marketplace for business software in the cloud. Software businesses of all sizes have recognized the huge competitive advantage that Fujitsu is providing and have shown a great deal of interest in partnering with Fujitsu to get their software on to the Business Solutions Store.

‚At CeBIT, the Fujitsu SaaSification Factory cuts through industry ‚cloud wash’ by delivering very visible proof of progress as we populate the Business Solutions Store: a new Cloud ecosystem that enables software houses to enter the era of cloud computing, to deliver the services that today’s customers demand. What software houses find most attractive is the ease of transition, plus the way we have removed the cost and risk barriers. The hugely positive industry response clearly validates that we’re taking an early lead in revolutionizing how software is consumed by businesses of all sizes.‚


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