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Samsung, SAP, team up for enterprises

Samsung Electronics and SAP have announced that they will deliver enterprise mobility solutions for a number of industries that are expected to help create an ecosystem based on Samsung mobile devices.

The new ecosystem will be designed to build on the popularity and reach of Samsung’s mobile innovations and the SAP Mobile Platform. The collaboration of the two companies is expected to create new opportunities for developers that will now be able to leverage the integrated offering from Samsung and SAP on mobile devices and wearables, as well as the joint cloud activities based on the SAP HANA¬Æ Cloud Platform mobile services. Additionally, it is anticipated that the partnership strategy will benefit the retail industry by integrating payments to be made on-the-go, along with helping to shed light on innovative shopping experiences for consumers and retailers alike.

As a market leader we know how to bridge consumer expectations thus ensuring a premium mobile experience that will allow organisations to operate effectively in the enterprise environment,” says Paulo Ferreira, Director of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics SA. “We’re committed to building a world-class, open and comprehensive enterprise mobility ecosystem and delivering best-in-class enterprise results that combine the strengths of Samsung’s mobile innovations and the SAP Mobile Platform.

Samsung and SAP Team will Simplify and Secure Mobile Enterprise

The new strategies are to be added to Samsung’s broad portfolio so that users can benefit from the SAP Mobile Platform and have more secure and simple integration with SAP’s ecosystem. It is intended that the combination will allow the extension of enterprise software, in a secure intuitive manner, to the extended workforce and help provide businesses with shorter time to market, quicker access to revenue streams and improved real-time decision support to executives and the workforce. The parties will ensure mobile applications and user experiences are engineered to help take advantage of Samsung’s capabilities, thus aimed at giving a competitive advantage to workforces that use Samsung’s mobile devices. This approach is expected to help facilitate web and mobile developers to innovate with Samsung and SAP, and the large System Integrators of both companies may be enabled to more quickly create vertical scenarios that can address the needs of the market and the game-changing opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Increasingly, our customers are away from their desks and require a fundamentally new way to interact with applications to align with how they work today,” said SAP Africa Head of Innovation: Database and Technology, Manoj Bhoola. “It should match the current trends in mobility and must work to create a seamless experience, as the work modality embraces mobile devices, wearables, the Internet of Things and other alternative forms of computing. Through our partnership with Samsung, we are working on plans to offer a premium mobile enterprise experience for customers.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Industries

Samsung and SAP expect to initially focus on key scenarios in vertical markets where the shift towards mobility, coupled with emerging IoT user scenarios in the workplace, presents the greatest opportunities for the collaboration to bring value to customers. Through these new plans, the parties intend to help unlock multiple new features of existing SAP programs and platforms by coupling these with Samsung’s mobile innovations.

Ferreira concludes: “Samsung’s approach to B2B is not about pushing products that simply depend on clever apps. It’s not about shipping boxes. Instead, Samsung is connecting a broad portfolio of great devices, holistic enterprise-ready solutions and world-class services to help businesses transform the way they operate and grow. Further to this, Samsung understands that Enterprise Mobility is one of the most important considerations of global CIOs and forms an integral part of a company’s IT decisions. Our partnership with SAP will enable us to provide innovative solutions to companies in various verticals, empowering them in the end to improve their operational efficiencies.

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