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SA schools get smart

Vox Edu Services, a new initiative set up by Vox Orion is aiming on improving the quality of South African education by providing schools with smart whiteboards and Internet connectivity.

Vox Edu Services, a new initiative by Vox Orion, aims to improve the quality of South African education by giving teachers and learners’ access to new learning technology, management systems and high-speed Internet, says MD Jacques du Toit.

Du Toit says technology such as Smart interactive whiteboards can empower teachers and inspire students: ‚I use a Smart board myself and it’s made an incredible difference to the way I communicate,‚ he says. ‚I’ve also seen the impact introducing new classroom technology has had on my own children’s education. If school governing bodies want to attract pupils and parents who share a high-tech vision of the future, they need to be prepared to invest in technology now.‚

The boards make it possible not only to show content from anywhere in the world, but also to record any teacher’s lessons for later playback, says Du Toit. ‚That means every school can have access to the best teachers and the best lessons, no matter where they are.‚

The Edu Services package includes not only Smart interactive whiteboards but also internet connectivity, leading school management software and educational software. ‚There are many school management packages on the market but we’ve identified Edupac, which is locally developed, as the most comprehensive ‚ and made it part of the Edu Services offering,‚ says Du Toit.

Vox Orion has developed an innovative funding model to make Edu Services affordable to schools, adds Du Toit. ‚As part of the Vox Telecom group, we earn revenue whenever someone uses the Vox network to make calls or surf the Internet,‚ he says. ‚For every family at a school that switches to Vox, we will divert 50% of our profits back to their school to fund their technology programme.‚


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