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Rwanda students trained for global cybersecurity

US-based Tabiri Analytics has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University and others to address an acute global cyber talent shortage.

Global cybersecurity monitoring provider Tabiri Analytics is staffing its operation with personnel from Rwanda, trained through a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and other schools.

As a result, says US-based Tabiri, it is able to deliver economical monitoring solutions while fostering socio economic growth in underserved communities.

“Our approach is truly a win-win for all stakeholders,” say Savannah Kadima and Edwin K. Kairu, co-founders of Tabiri Analytics. “Our clients benefit from a deeper bench of talent, while also getting a more affordable monitoring service. At the same time, we are equipping the next generation of cybersecurity professionals in underserved emerging market regions.

“We offer African students exclusive, mentored IT training along with educational opportunities targeted to further the skill sets of students interested in productive careers. There is so much potential and enthusiasm from young adults who demonstrate the desire to learn and contribute to the cybersecurity industry.”

The cybersecurity industry is facing an acute talent shortage, with hundreds of thousands of jobs going unfilled worldwide. As companies grapple with this serious challenge, the cyber threat environment grows more intense—creating a high risk scenario where attackers enjoy the advantage because cyber defenders cannot find the people they need to run cybersecurity operations. By working with a new talent pool in Africa, Tabiri Analytics has found a way to deliver a consistent, affordable monitoring service.

Tabiri Analytics partners with existing in-house IT staff or a company’s outsourced IT services provider for the purpose of offloading the burden of continuously monitoring for cybersecurity issues. 

The Tabiri Analytics operational model will leverage the new global talent to offer affordable, automated cybersecurity services and machine learning capabilities to its clients in underserved markets with competitive market prices. 

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