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Rush delivers sharp rise

Since its launch in May 2016, Rush courier service has completed over 8 000 deliveries and is seeing figures doubling every month.

It is one year since Rush brought a new business model to the courier industry in South Africa, with both innovative technology use and cost-efficient pricing. Since its May 2016 launch of a website ( to complement its official WeChat account, the company has completed over 8 000 deliveries and says it is now seeing its delivery figures doubling every month.

Rush’s courier aggregator model offers customers both choice and convenience, building its value proposition on combining trusted couriers which can then be chosen based on reputation, price or delivery time.

“Recently, we added a payment gateway that enables users to save their credit card details securely on the system,” says Glenn Whittaker, founder and CEO of Rush South Africa. “This means they no longer have to input the same details repeatedly when sending multiple parcels. It makes it more convenient for business owners who can now delegate such duties to employees, as they will be able to access the company’s payment details.

“Another innovation has been the launch of an e-wallet, which allows users to pre-load any amount from R2 500 all the way up to R100 000. In this way, regular deliveries are automatically paid for. In order to facilitate the topping up process, Rush will notify the company once it has used up 90% of the value of its e-wallet.”

According to Whittaker, the demand for parcel deliveries is increasing significantly as the festive season approaches. In response, it has added a shopping basket facility, which allows companies needing to send multiple deliveries to various clients to log on and perform multiple operations in a single session.

“We are also in the process of adding new couriers to our platform and our customers can expect to have additional choices by early 2017. Furthermore, Rush aims to continue building on its existing strategic partnerships, such as it has with Amrod Corporation. This gives it access to some 6 000 Amrod clients, offering them a quicker, easier and more convenient way of delivering their parcels throughout South Africa.”

Whittaker points out that Rush enables clients to conduct the entire process online, offers a cheaper alternative to the more traditional delivery options, and saves time.

“The Rush delivery process is managed from collection to delivery, thanks to a track-and-trace facility linked to an online dashboard. We also provide a parcel insurance option, so customers know that their parcel is secure throughout the entire delivery and fulfilment process.

“Our goal has been to save businesses and individuals both time and money. Rush creates large-scale cost efficiencies for companies, while reducing the headaches that parcel delivery can cause for individuals. Ultimately, by making the courier experience simpler, faster and cheaper, we are able to give our customers the kind of hassle-free experience that has never before existed in this space.”

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