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Rumble Fighter gets a Reload

OGPlanet is bringing its action Rumble Fighter EU game, to the next level as they release its biggest update in six years. New features include new in-game areas, bosses, items, events and a daily quest system.

Rumble Fighter EU has been “Reloaded”” with tons of amazing new content and features. Among these improvements include all new in-game areas, bosses, items, events, a daily quest system, and the much anticipated social Plaza. To check out everything in this massive update and to sign up for Rumble Fighter EU: Reloaded, please go to

Rumble Fighter EU: Reloaded Key Features:

To kick off Rumble Fighter EU: Reloaded, OGPlanet will be hosting tons of engaging events such as a 1+1 sales events for many of the most popular items. When players purchase an item, they will be able to give out that same item as a gift to anyone of your choice for free! Combined with funniest caption contest events, attendance events, playtime events, Boss Mode clear events, and lots of new fun events, now is the perfect time to log into Rumble Fighter EU and see what you’ve been missing out on!

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