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Routers now with apps

Belkin has announced a new range of routers that make tasks such as setting up and securing networks easier and more efficient.
As South Africa’s Internet population expandsnand more people add devices to their networks, the need for streaming HDnmovies, downloading music, playing games and sending e-mails continues to grow.nBelkin’s’ range of high performance routers now come pre loaded with essentialnapps and provide a tool for managing these networks to fit a connectednlifestyle.

It takes only three steps to set up Belkinnrouters, which also feature dual-band channels to eliminate interferencenand optimise performance for bandwidth-intensive applications such as HD videonstreaming.

All Belkin routers come preloaded with EasynSetup, Pre-Set Security and Self Healing applications.nWith Easy Setup, users can incorporate a simple plug and playnsystem to get their network up and runningnin minutes. Each router comes with a Pre-Set Security code to prevent unwanted users from joining the network and usingnbandwidth. Also included is the Self Healing application,nwhich automatically detects and resolves network problems.

In addition, Memory Safe automaticallynbacks up important files and Print Gene allows users to print from any computer within the network. They are included withnBelkin’s Share Wireless Router and the Share Wireless Modem router.

Othernapplications, which come with the top of the range Playmax router, allow usersnto label and sort their music library, send music to any plug-and-play device,ncompile personalised playlists, download large media files and allocate networknbandwidth to frequently used programs.

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