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Retailers, banks, face cyber war



Trend Micro’s threat defense experts predict that hackers in countries like Vietnam, UK, and India will pursue the use of targeted attacks and will target non-traditional countries. Threats around banking will also become more prevalent as new payment systems are developed.

Trend Micro has released its annual security predictions report, “Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: The Invisible Becomes Visible,” and the company’s threat defense experts are highlighting the report’s forecast that targeted attacks will become rampant from more countries as hackers from the usual suspects have found success targeting victims around the world. Additionally, the report breaks down seven other cybersecurity threat predictions for 2015 including banks and payment systems.

According to the report, targeted attacks campaigns will continue to multiply in 2015, after cybercriminals had noteworthy breaches via targeted attacks in the US. Trend Micro’s threat defense experts predict hackers within countries such as Vietnam, UK, and India, will pursue the use of targeted attacks and we will see attacks against non-traditional countries like we’ve seen recently against Malaysia and Indonesia based organisations.

What we are seeing today is not a huge surprise but rather the velocity and brutal measures cybercriminals are using to steal information,” said Gregory Anderson, country manager at Trend Micro, South Africa, “Following the success of targeted attacks from Chinese and Russian cybercriminals, many hackers from other countries will regard cyber-attacks as a more practical method to grab a foothold in an organisation. Additionally, with the incessant barrage of data breaches emerging almost daily, it’s reasonable to presume that data breaches will be essentially regarded as a common offshoot of the present threat landscape.

Threats around banking will continue to become more severe as more unique cybercrime attacks against financial institutions also emerge and financial and banking intuitions must implement two-factor authentication for online services.

The payment ecosystem will continue to evolve,” said Anderson. “Massive transformation is upon us and we will continue to see threat actors trying to manipulate Near Field Communications (NFC) as certain platforms gain momentum due to their significant following and user’s penchant for adopting the latest and greatest technology.

Highlights from the 2015 predications report include:

The Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2015 also include a continued increase in the exploitation of smart devices such as smart cameras, appliances and TV’s as cybercriminals become more aggressive at targeting these platforms as well as the organisations that manage the data.

As factors like market pressure push device manufacturers to launch more and more smart devices without security in mind to meet the rising demand, so will attackers increasingly find vulnerabilities to exploit for their own gain.

Smart homes and home automation will continue to proliferate across the globe, further increasing all of our attack surfaces,” Anderson said. “As such, smart device manufactures must consider how to secure the data that resides in these devices not just the devices themselves.

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