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How data centres beat Eskom

Using the services of a well-designed and maintained data centre will help any sized company mitigate the risks associated with power outages as a result of Eskom’s power crisis, says LEX VAN WYK.

Lex van Wyk, CEO of Teraco says that by engaging with a data centre, clients will benefit from its generators, sophisticated air-conditioning, fire suppression systems, automated monitoring and state-of-the-art infrastructure: “By ensuring your provider offers 99.999% uptime, critical services can stay up even if power suppliers suffer an unforeseen outage.

Eskom is in a disastrous position and needs all the support they can get in relieving current pressures on the power grid. He says Teraco’s continued innovation and development ensures efficiencies in data centre power usage. An example of this will be the use of water cooled systems, which can use ambient temperature to cool the data centre environment, rather than depending on 24/7 load from the grid.

There are tremendous economies of scale in large data centres due to cooling benefits, variances in use of different applications and business peak time requirements. With the shared-facility set-up, Teraco ensures that power usage is optimised as efficiently as possible, without compromising uptime.

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