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Resource centre for online merchants in SA

MyGate is now offering an online resource centre, which includes guides, case studies and articles for Internet merchants getting started or expanding online payment strategies.

The MyGate Resource Centre is a searchable and comprehensive listing of downloadable documents relating to the online payment processing. White papers, data sheets and specific information useful for expanding an online payment business are now readily available in one easy-to-access destination.

Internet merchants wishing to establish cost-effective payment systems online will benefit from market insights and in depth reports. Companies wanting to improve online security and counteract fraud may access articles and case studies including vital information on BIN management, PAN truncation and understanding the compliancy rules.

MyGate’s Managing Director, Dan Edmiston said, ‚”We noticed a need in the industry for a free and regularly updated resource centre and we are happy with all the positive feedback received from both longstanding and new clients. For internet merchants wishing to gain quick access to accurate and relevant information, the MyGate Resource Centre provides all that is needed to understand payment gateways, internet merchant accounts and how to integrate these with a website or application.‚”

The MyGate Resource Centre may prove beneficial to experienced web entrepreneurs and first time internet merchants alike, providing a well-rounded collection of information about optimizing the checkout experience, managing recurring credit card payments and turbo-charging the online sales process. This new online MyGate initiative is helping internet merchants and eCommerce developers to stay up to date with payment industry trends.

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