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New app aims to reframe

Nova Messenger, launched this month, promises a more effective and private way of reaching large audiences at the likes of universities, schools and corporations.

Nova Messenger, a new communication app, has been developed in response to the unpredictability of the Covid-19 pandemic, which highlighted the need for effective, fast and private messaging platforms. The app, launched on 1 March, is specifically designed for educational institutions, but will prove useful for businesses and corporations with remote workforces.

The app uses student numbers rather than personal contact information, making it one of the most secure ways to comply with privacy regulations. Nova Messenger is unique in that it can engage with students in large groups, without compromising the privacy of the individual. It allows academics to interact with their students daily, via reminders, recordings, notes and strategic messages.

The Invigilator App, also developed by Nova Messenger’s co-founder and CEO, Nicholas Riemer, during the pandemic, was successful in securely undertaking online assessments and examinations. This app highlighted the need for universities to nurture the connections between academia/management and students/employees, and the importance of enabling teams to come together in a digital ecosystem.

The Nova Messenger App is built to accommodate thousands of students/employees grouped together without sharing any contact information. There is no limit on the size of groups created, allowing for scaling of bundles of individuals regardless of where they are situated in the world. The app can facilitate one-on-one conversations, regardless of how many individuals are within a defined group.

Nova Messenger is also accommodating in the types of delivery it handles. The app can handle any type of file, such as video, lecture, voice note, text or examination instructions. Prior to Nova Messenger, all class notes, timetables and video lessons were located on the university or school learner management system, which required a laptop and a strong internet connection for access. Nova Messenger transforms access given it requires only an entry-level smartphone to acquire all learning material.

The app is not only practical but also cool tech. Nova Messenger was created with learning or message distribution in mind, but all the features of generic social media communications apply, allowing students to engage among themselves through a private messaging system.

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