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Record Skype and MSN videos

Imtiger Technologies has released SuperTintin v. 1.2, a Windows application that makes it simple to record all audio and video streams, including Skype and MSN phone calls, audio and video chats, Skype voice mails and screen-sharing videos, and Skype group video conferences with up to ten participants.

Unlike low-quality online recording software that uses screen-capture techniques to collect audio and video streams, SuperTintin provides the highest quality audio and video files by capturing the original media data, with no data loss. You can open, close, and resize messenger windows during recording, without affecting the quality of your videos.

SuperTintin offers six recording modes, including picture-in-picture video recordings with your video inset showing inside the remote video. You can also record both sides of a video conversation side-by-side, with each caller taking up half the picture. SuperTintin also lets you record audio only, local only, remote only, or both local and remote conversations in two separate files.

The software supports up to ten participants in a Skype conference call. You can even record voice mails as easily as you record ordinary incoming calls.

Without being – or hiring – a video technician, a business manager can use SuperTintin to capture online videos that can be easily added to the company’s website, or sent on CD or DVD to customers and prospects. SuperTintin lets teachers and students share information without having to wrestle with the underlying technology.

Whether you’re a business owner who needs to record online conferences and interviews and distribute them as podcasts or webcasts, an educator who wants to capture online lectures, or a home computer user who wants to keep a record of your family’s VoIP phone calls, SuperTintin has the tools that you need.

SuperTintin v. 1.2 is available in two editions: The Skype Video Call Recorder and The MSN Webcam Recorder. Each edition costs $29.95(US) for a single-user license. Volume discounts are available. SuperTintin runs under Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000 and requires Skype 3.0 or newer for the Skype edition, and MSN 8.0 or newer for the MSN edition. You can download a trial version of SuperTintin from the company’s website.

In the coming months, Imtiger Technologies will release SuperTintin editions for Yahoo, AIM, QQ, Paltalk, CrazyFrog, Gizmo, and other popular IM clients. For more information about SuperTintin, visit or contact Imtiger Technologies, Ltd, Office 11, 10 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3BQ, United Kingdom.

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