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Rdio, Shazam, include SA



Rdio, a digital music service, and Shazam have announced an international expansion of their music discovery partnership to include South Africa.

South African users of the Free and Encore version of the Shazam App for iOS and Android are now able to instantly listen to entire songs after tagging them by clicking the ‚”Listen Free on Rdio‚” link within the app.

By connecting Shazam to Rdio in a few simple steps, listeners can also create an playlist on Rdio called ‚”My Shazam Tracks.‚” This playlist automatically updates with every new song tagged in Shazam, making it easy to relive an amazing night out, track for track, through the Rdio app. The exclusive partnership which started late 2012 in the United Sates, is now live in South Africa and an additional 28 countries around the world.

‚”Working together in major countries across the globe, we are now providing more than 270 million Shazam users the ability to instantly listen to an entire song they just identified exclusively on Rdio,‚” said Daniel Danker, chief product officer of Shazam.

‚”Music lovers around the globe can now connect Shazam’s tagging feature with Rdio’s digital music service. All the songs tagged in Shazam are automatically added to a ‘My Shazam Tracks’ playlist in Rdio, making it easy to identify, save, and organize their music discoveries,‚” said Anthony Bay, chief executive officer of Rdio. ‚”Rdio and Shazam are at the forefront of how people are discovering new music.‚”

Users of the Free and Encore versions of the Shazam App for iOS and Android simply identify a song and then click the ‚”Listen Free on Rdio‚” link on the identified song’s page. Rdio Unlimited subscribers can listen to the full song in the app on their mobile device and also listen to all of their tagged songs on Rdio in the ‚”My Shazam Tracks‚” playlist. Those new to Rdio can sign up for a free 14-day mobile trial to hear the complete track. After the mobile trial expires, they can choose to upgrade to one of Rdio’s flexible subscription plans for unlimited streams and access to Rdio’s acclaimed mobile apps.

Plan Options Include: Rdio Web for 25 ZAR a month which provides unlimited Web streaming, and Rdio Unlimited for 60 ZAR a month which provides unlimited Web and mobile streaming, as well as wireless syncing to listen offline.

The Shazam-Rdio integration is the latest example of one of Rdio’s developer partners extending the Rdio experience through Rdio’s powerful, best-in-class API. Over a thousand developers are actively creating a huge variety of apps using the Rdio API, making it easier for Rdio users to discover new music, attend concerts, create playlists, listen collaboratively, learn about their favourite artist and more.