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Ranger gets connected

During last week’s launch of the new Ranger FX4, the real star of the show wasn’t in the car, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK



Inside FordPass

The key features of the FordPass app and FordPass Connect include:

  • Vehicle Status and Remote Vehicle Monitoring: Owners can check fuel level, oil status, mileage and tyre pressures, where a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is fitted.
  • Remote Start and Stop: Drivers can start their vehicle’s engine from home, office or restaurant via smartphone, enabling the cabin to commence heating or cooling to the last used setting. The vehicle is automatically locked when remote starting. It can only be driven once the driver inserts the ignition key, or presses the ‘Start’ button with the proximity key in the vehicle. A scheduled start can also be programmed for a predetermined time.
  • Remote Lock and Unlock: Drivers can lock and unlock the Ford remotely, meaning they don’t have to rush back to their cars to check if they have remembered to lock their doors. This also allows drivers to let passengers into their vehicle regardless of whether they are there or not.
  • Vehicle Locator: A map and location tracker in the app allows drivers can find their way back to their vehicle in a busy parking area or when one has shared a vehicle with a family member.
  • Vehicle Health Alerts: Alerts pre-empt service needs and general maintenance, such as a low washer fluid alert.
  • Map and Search: Search options include Ford dealers, fuel stations, available parking, entertainment, coffee shops and travel destinations like hotels and lodges.
  • Maintenance Schedule: Key vehicle information is available in the Fapp, including the vehicle identification number (VIN), new vehicle warranty, and upcoming service intervals.
  • Roadside Assistance: Customers have instant access to call Ford’s 24-hour emergency Roadside Assistance, provided by the Automobile Association (AA).
  • Vehicle Support: Additional resources include how-to videos explaining features and technologies in the Ranger, digital Owner’s Manual, and an Alerts Guide addressing issues like water in fuel, and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning.
  • FordPass Guide: One-on-one assistance via phone or e-mail, directly from the app.
  • Over-the-air updates: FordPass Connect enables over-the-air (OTA) modem software updates seamlessly via the embedded modem to keep the vehicle current with new technology, performance and safety by wirelessly delivering new features and quality enhancements, without requiring a visit to a dealer or service centre.

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