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Urban Soccer brings to electronic sport gaming what it has long lacked: a good kick where it is most needed. ALESSIO DEDOMINICIS follows the rules by breaking them …

We’ve all seen them, those tedious soccer games where you run back and forth on the field passing the ball from one opponent to the other ‚ the only highlight of the game coming when you score a fluke goal from the opposite side of the field. But at last there’s a soccer game that’s bound to keep you riveted to your seat for hours. Urban Soccer is a soccer game where there are no rules, you can trip your opponents, bounce the ball off the wall and do whatever else is necessary to score that ‚golden goal’.

Game overview

As with all soccer games, Urban Soccer follows the basics ‚ the team that scores the most goals in a limited time wins. However, unlike other games, in addition to your goals, your team also scores game points for spectacular passing, shooting, sprinting, tackling manoeuvres and even ball tricks.

Throughout the game each team is given the opportunity to perform a move called a Net Buster. If performed correctly, this move will reward you with thousands of points ‚ and the best thing is that, no-matter how hard your opponents try, they will not be able to stop the ball from entering the net.

The game is set in abandoned areas around various neighbourhoods, and the ground you play on is dictated by the team you choose. For example, the Skater Boys’ home-ground is a skateboarding arena where all skateboarding features are displayed. The rules are also different in that foul language, punching, round house kicks and tripping are perfectly legitimate moves, and fouls do not exist. There isn’t even a referee!

What we thought

The slow-motion replays, shooting angles, and creative team dynamics are initially impressive and exciting. However, the longer you play, the more the replays and shooting styles begin to look the same.

We really enjoyed the music aspect of the game, as it suits the style of each team playing. We found that this, in conjunction with the different settings and team identities, gave the game enough variety to stop it getting monotonous as so often happens in most games of this nature. Also, being ruthless and at the same time trying to perform flick-flacks and other bizarre manoeuvres not associated with soccer will keep you on your toes through the game.


Urban soccer is a one to two player game and you will need a memory card if you want to progress through the game’s stages and unlock new teams and their playing turfs. That is advisable because with new teams come new tricks.

Gaming Platform Sony Playstation 2.

Urban Soccer was provided by Ster-Kinekor Home Entertainment: contact them on (011) 445-7900. Sony PlayStation 2 provided by Cats TellySound Eastgate: contact them on 011 615-8870.

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