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TechRig technical solutions agency has unveiled projection technology that will help transform local branding and eventing.

Most of us don’t spend our days imagining that a projector could not only change the face of our brand, company or product, little less propel it to the next level. But thanks to developments in size, power and mobility, projection has been given a new lease of life.

Projection is moving out of the norm and into a realm of creative art. A lively newcomer to the industry barely resembles the original 124-year-old, grand dame projector.

TechRig’s latest acquisition is the HDF-W26 and HDQ-2K40, “the brightest projectors in the world””, made byglobal echnology company Barco, and designed for the rental and staging industry.

‚””Part of the industry demand is coming up with alternative solutions to standard visual communication and marketing tools,”” says TechRig CEO Michael Collyer. ‚””In today’s communication space, online and television are highly informative and interactive. They are also very much the done thing, the norm and are tremendously overpopulated. So the question top of mind for us, what technology and solutions are available to set a brand apart?‚””

The projectors have several applications and are widely used in all types of settings for a variety of scenarios. They ensure razor-sharp, ultra-bright images, guaranteeing an unequalled visual experience on every occasion.

These top of the range projectors are the Holy Grail for creative and technical industry leaders who have for many years expressed their desire for such technology, enabling them to create a new communication landscape for their clients. This medium allows for a broad spectrum of applications including sought after 3D mapping and large-scale conference or product visualization.

‚””This is a focused, targeted medium,”” says Collyer. “”It offers the capability of projecting multi-media at an unprecedented size and quality.

‚””Our mandate is in sync with that of Barco: we design and develop visualization solutions for a variety of markets. This specifically pertains to the direct communication/marketing and brand building sphere that we form an intricate part of.‚””

The beauty of this technology is that it’s in line with the current pop-up marketing trends.

They can be applied for existing structures such as buildings, marquees or towers, transforming them into direct marketing campaigns, product launches.

The projectors are easily adaptable for indoor and outdoor use

Internal (Indoor)

· Large-scale Conferencing

· Blending

· 360 Mapping

· Exhibition Space

· Vehicle Mapping

· Product Mapping

External (Outdoor)

· 3D Building Mapping

· Product Placement

· Venue Transformation

* “

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