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LG Electronics Business Solutions, has unveiled its IT product and solutions line up for 2011. The new products include monitors, projectors, notebooks and video conferencing solutions.

Realistic Colour, Stable Brightness, Brilliantly Vivid

LG’s IPS236V monitor provides stable colour and a high uniformity of brightness at any viewing angle, making it ideal for editing video and graphics and watching movies or playing games. The IPS236V also boasts a low [1]GtoGBW response time difference, meaning viewers will feel less eye fatigue even when watching for long periods.

LG IPS236V monitor combines IPS-panel technology- and LED, two technologies in which LG is already an established leader and provides a viewing angle up 10 times wider than conventional monitors. LG’s new LED IPS monitor uses IPS panel instead of Twisted Nematic (TN) used in conventional monitors, to overcome the limit of viewing angle and provide a more like-like colour representation.

The monitor has a slim and sleek design, with a depth of just 19.5mm on 20-23 inch screen making it a delight to view. The IPS236V monitor rates high on energy efficiency, reducing energy usage up to 27 percent more when compared with other models earning it an EnergyStar Certification.

Ultra Thin E2290V LED Monitor

LG’s E2290V LED monitor features a super-thin design that’s only 7.22mm thick, bringing your discernable sense style to another level. The EZ Cabling system neatly conceals cables connecting to the monitor while maintaining the sleek and stylish appearance. With its high-tech image, the E2290V has a response time 2 ms that delivers a perfectly crisp, bright image.

Additional innovation includes Image Booster, which up-scales low quality picture content to ensure higher resolution playback. LED technology provides a mega contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1 resulting in excellent picture quality and a sharper contrast of brightness and darkness. The Eco-friendly LED backlight consumes 35% less energy than normal LCD monitors.

Super 3D D2342P Monitor

LG D2342P 3D monitor is based on 3D FPR (film-type patterned retarder) technology that enhances the quality produced by stereoscopic images. The FPR optimises the separation of images for the left and right eye, which when filtered through the glasses, to give users truly outstanding, blur-free 3D images. The 23-inch wide screen can convert 2D images to 3D with the 3D FPR technology.

The D2342P monitor offers maximum brightness that is supported by its dynamic contrast ratio of 50, 000, 000:1 for superb images quality and a pleasant viewing experience.

The LG D2342P monitor is bundled with two pairs of 3D glasses and offers a FULL HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It features an LED backlight matrix. Connectivity is enhanced as the D2342P includes D-Sub, DVI and HDMI inputs for easy connection with other devices.

Super Resolution E2381V

The LGE2381V monitor offers an extravagant design with glossy black finish that compliments your luxurious home or office décor. This monitor is 11.9mm think with a 23 inch wide display making it ideal for users requiring an attractive yet high performance monitor. Its Super Resolution feature allows users superiorimage and video quality compared to similar monitors.

A new dimension gaming monitor E2770V

LG’s E2770V applies LED IPS technology and embodies a consistent image quality that is clear and vivid. It boasts a image resulting in a fast response time of 6.7ms that helps to reduce eyestrain when used for long periods. It is a highly efficient monitor providing up to 40 percent energy saving targeting high performer and heavy gamers. The monitor features LG’s SUPER+ Resolution boosted by its wide viewing angle, which provides more vivid pictures optimised for a more pleasant gaming experience.

More Life-Like Viewing with LG’s CF3D Projector

Today’s consumers are continuously looking for new solutions for both their entertainment and business video display needs. LG’s CF3D projector, the world’s first Full HD Single Lens-Type 3D Projector offers versatility and a multitude of applications for home and office use. The projector’s enhanced technology allows for a more realistic 3D experience, with life-like viewing, high quality images ensuring the ultimate multimedia experience.

The projector Incorporates both Dual Engine and 3D Auto Picture Calibration technology to create realistic 3D visuals. This was previously only achieved by sophisticated cinema equipment in commercial applications and high-end 3D televisions.

LG’s Premium Notebook A520

The LG A520 is the world’s first notebook with Full HD Film Patterned Retarder [FPR] technology giving viewers a truly outstanding one-of-a-kind portable 3D entertainment experience in display and sound. The FPR optimises the separation of images for the left and right eye, which are then filtered through the glasses to give viewers outstanding blur-free 3D images. The A520’s display and sound set new standards in 3D entertainment, with a 15.6-inch Full HD 3D LED LCD display, SRS Wide 3D sound system and a range of superb hardware features. The A520 packs a serious 3D punch for 3D games, movies or graphics.

Beyond Video Conferencing

LG’s premium video conferencing solutions make light work of complicated interactive solutions light work delivering a total solution to assist organisations in facilitating communications on a domestic and global level.

LG’s AVS2400 and RVF1000 VCS features a high resolution imaging and high quality audio system with a stable network that provides an alternative solution to face-to-face meetings, equivalent to actual conference environments. Its high quality video performance and network technology provides an optimum video conferencing solution for the end user, saving them time and money and allowing them to be more eco-friendly in its business approach.

‚LG’s new product line up is a direct response to the increase in demand for business products with a blend of consumer features. Our products new products are equally suited for office or home use,‚ says Mark Ehmke, Director Business Solutions, South Africa.

The recommended retail prices of the above mentioned products are:

LG Monitors

LG IPS236V Monitor- R1, 999.00

LG IPS226V Monitor – R 1, 899.00

LG E2290 Monitor – R2, 499.00

LG E2381 Monitor – R2, 299.00

LG E2270V Monitor ‚ R3, 599.00

LG Projector

CF3D ‚ R 119 999.00

LG Notebook

LG A520 ‚ R11, 999.00

LG video conferencing solutions

LG AVS2400 ‚ R30 000.00

LG RVF 1000 ‚ R23 500.00

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