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Play-time with the M.ANY DUAL-Play

MP3 players are on the fast track to becoming the most convenient way to listen to your favourite music. The M.ANY DUAL-Play pushes the envelope in versatility, and Adam Megens has the paper-cuts to prove it!

You have to charge the battery and install the software (included) on your PC. Other than that, simply plug in the USB cable to the port on your PC and you’ll be off and running.

Dead-easy. The unit has a total of six buttons: two for volume, two for track selection, one for on/play, and the last for stop/off. Just plug your earphones into the side of the unit. Then press and hold the On/Play button for a second or two and the indicator light flashes to let you know the power is on. Hit play again and you’re pumping. If you press stop and play again, it will start off where you left off. Press and hold Off/Stop to switch off. To use the voice-recorder, just flip the switch on the top of the casing from play to record and magic! The software is simple and user-friendly and you don’t have to be a fundi to perform any function. Downloading songs onto the unit’s memory is as simple as dragging a file on your monitor from one window to another. You can also select whether you want to download onto the unit’s built-in memory or the memory card. It really is a pleasure.

And then some! It definitely plays MP3’s, as well as recording MP3’s, and doubling up as a digital Dictaphone and USB flash-ROM. I must say that I was impressed by this little number, it isn’t very often you get more that you bargained for.

Unlike any other MP3-player I’ve seen, simply slip it into the tape-deck and you’re laughing ‚ stereo, crisp sound pumping through your sound system or car stereo, so definitely affirmative. Not many other devices on the market can offer all of the above in one efficient little package like this, which is small enough to glide unnoticed into any pocket. I think the fact that it records any source directly into MP3 format is something special. I think its innovativeness is only surpassed by its convenience. You can make your own mixed tapes without the disadvantages and hassles of lining up tracks and stretching tapes. It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas and I’d like to add one to my list.

The 64MB model is recommended to retail around R2 200 and the 128MB model around R3 000. Compared to its competition and considering all that you’re getting I would have to say yes. If you had to take into account what you would be paying separately for an MP3 player, digital Dictaphone and a flash-ROM, I think most people would agree.

For more information contact Dual-Play SA on 082-509-5099 or 084-585-2001.

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