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It’s not often a gadget comes along that takes the line honours in all departments. But for the serious runner, the new Forerunner training assistant, with GPS and virtual partner just two of its hidden skills, is the undisputed champion. JOEL DORFAN takes it for a run.

No. You first have to charge the built-in Lithium Ion battery for two hours. You will then have to take the unit outside, give it a clear view of the sky and leave it on for up to 30 minutes, so that it can ‚acquire‚ the satellites. This only needs to be done the first time you take the unit out of the box. After that it will find the satellites in a couple of minutes.

Yes. The manual is well-written and easy to follow. Once you understand what the various buttons do, the rest is pretty intuitive.

Yes. Every feature worked as advertised. Owning the unit will not make you fitter, but using it out there certainly will!!

Yes. Until now the only other wrist-based GPS was a watch with built-in GPS functionality. This is a full-blown GPS with many of the features of the larger units but with a specific user interface to assist the athlete. There is no other product like it out there.

Yes. At a recommended retail price of R1690, this is very good value. The unit comes complete with wrist band, charging cradle, AC power supply and computer data cable.

If you would like to find out where you can buy Forerunner 201, contact Candida at Avnic Trading, the South African distributors for Garmin products, on 011 7046147. Visit the Garmin web site at

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