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Payment tech changes forecourt

Catering for the demand for speedy, on-the-go and emergency purchases, the forecourt convenience retail sector has carved out a thriving niche for itself, writes HYMIE MARNEWICK, managing director of payment connectivity market leader of XLink Communications.



Advancements made within the card payment technology space have allowed for more seamless card transactions, which in turn has driven the successful expansion of the forecourt convenience retail sector.

Since the beginning of time, humans have offered payments for goods and the means by which these payments were made has changed dramatically over the years. From bartering goods, to using grain as currency and then from metal coins to paper money, and now cashless payments.

These advancements have enabled the forecourt retail sector to offer customers exactly what makes the sector an attractive place to shop in the first place – convenience by way of proximity, speed and efficiency – resulting in the advent of the fuel forecourt as the new convenience stores.

Card acceptance progression

Initially, payment at the fuel forecourt was limited to cash and fleet cards; the latter was only printed with the name of the company, vehicle registration and signature. Fleet cards eventually began to use magnetic strips that were more secure through PIN codes and eventually chip cards.

To increase accessibility and convenience, credit card payments were then also accepted at the forecourt and, thereafter, debit cards.

The movement of established conventional retailers such as Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay to the forecourt also had a positive impact on the number of cards swiped, which also drove connectivity.

System evolution

The systems used for card payments have also progressed over the years, shifting from the use of 2G to 3G networks and LTE devices. As the volumes of card transactions increased, so did the speed of payment processes and the development of card payment devices.

With the need to address safety concerns came the need to bring card payment machines to vehicles, and thus payment devices changed from a desktop to a mobile solution through the use of the SIM card.

The utilisation of SIM cards has currently been replaced by wireless WiFi technology, which make use of access points within and around the petrol station to ensure connectivity.

Communication and reducing downtime

The uptime of cashless payment systems has become critical to forecourt retail, because of this, there has been a shift towards providing that redundancies are put in place in order to monitor and ensure the uptime of systems.

The reason that forecourt retail holds much of its appeal is due to the true convenience it offers customers. Without active and connected payment terminals, a large part of this convenience is eliminated, requiring those who wished to pay for goods by card to draw cash.

In order to ensure that this does not happen, card payment systems will need to make use of both fixed line infrastructure as well as a secondary failover connectivity in future.

Communication is another critical factor for the sector, which requires connectivity to gather and convey important information, such as stock currently in the store, vouchers, prepaid airtime and data or the lotto.

In order to make sure that there is no lag or downtime of communication, payment systems are moving to incorporate a converged software-defined wide-area network, or SD-WAN, which connects networks over large geographic distances through the internet or a cloud-native private network.


The future of forecourt retail will be all about connected digitisation, in order to cater to a growing digital customer base. This will lead to new ways of engaging customers, using technology to attract drivers to stop at the forecourt when they’re just driving past, using WiFi to advertise specials to customers filling up at petrol stations and placing orders with other retailers for pick-up at the forecourt.

And, last year, multinational oil and gas company BP admitted that half of the customers at its forecourts don’t even buy petrol.

All of these new means of operations by the sector will rely on payment connectivity solutions to make sure that customers receive an “on-the-go” experience, which is what they’re there for.

And, the more that card payment technology and secure payment connectivity improves, the more attractive factors such as speed and convenience improve, resulting in the progressive growth of the forecourt convenience retail sector itself.


Gaming gets rad at Rand Show



With the opening of the 125th Rand Show at Nasrec, south of Johannesburg, today, gamers and cosplayers have a new destination to strut their stuff.

A new addition to the show, the Gaming Entertainment Pavilion, is offering anything from gaming and cosplay to dance-offs and  science displays.

The organisers provided the following information (although several million exclamation marks and exaggerations have been removed!):

Fortnite Tournament

There was a time when Gaming was a considered a solitary pastime, confined to single player consoles; but that truly is a thing of the past with a fully immersive Fortnite Tournament open to all Fortnite afficionados and even those just starting out. Players can battle it out over both show weekends, including a final on each weekend. Family fan clubs can also get in on the action with live broadcasts of the game as it happens across screens – a full-on Fortnite family affair. Sponsored by PlayStation, gamers are truly going to be spoiled and should get in on the action as fast as they can because R 100 000 in cash prizes is up for grabs.

Smart Technology Centre will deliver a super-fast FibreMAX 500Mbps fibre link, wholly dedicated to the gaming pavilion to ensure that absolutely nothing ruins the thrill of the National Fortnite Tournament. 

“As the exclusive connectivity provider, we have gone all out to ensure an amazing experience for gamers,” says Dillynn Els of Smart Technology Centre (STC), an internet service provider (ISP) and IT technology partner. “When it comes to gaming and the best experience possible, it’s all about ensuring we provide a dedicated, uncapped, unshaped connection that makes every second count.”

Keen players can come along and enter on the day, but don’t delay because space is limited.

Fortnite Inspired Dance Off

Visitors can come along and be entertained by the finalists in the Fortnite inspired dance-off. There will be daily dances to enjoy for the entire duration of the show.

Come and play – Cosplay, to be exact.

The stage is set for a celebration of creativity and imagination that is going to be literally out of this world. Super hero heavy weights and masters of the mysterious will be letting their creative vision loose and take part in various Cosplay Tournaments and a visually stunning Cosplay Masquerade. Come see what all the fuss is about and get lost in this world costumes, colour and creative talent.

Games, Games and Science

For those wanting to get their gaming on, there will be three free play areas sponsored by Xbox with a host of games available to play. Xbox will be giving away 3 Xbox 1’s and an awesome Xbox 1X, but you truly have to be in it to win it, so make sure you don’t miss out.

The Kalahari Scientist will be onstage delighting visitors with his explosive displays that are guaranteed to up the ooh and aah factor with audiences young and old.

But wait, there’s more

Along with the larger-than-life gaming entertainment offering, visitors will also get to be the first gamers on SA soil to get a sneak peak of PlayStation’s brand new Mortal Kombat 11. Don’t miss your chance to experience the continuation of this epic saga through a new cinematic story that is more than 25 years in the making. The iconic showcasing brutal battles like never before, along with a host of customisable fighters with enhanced graphics and animations.

Other activities at the Pavilion include VR Experiences, a full-on NAG Nerf Arena, Gaming vendors with awesome gaming content, retailers selling gaming related products and software, and tutorials and workshops on how to improve your gaming skills, Celebrity Fortnite match off for charity.

With huge sponsors such as PlayStation, Xbox, MMS, NAG, SABC 2 and Smart Technology, the Gaming Entertainment Pavilion is geared up to become a hot zone of entertainment.

Win big

In case the entertainment offering just doesn’t get the heart beats racing fast enough, an all-expenses paid trip to TwitchCon USA, sponsored by PlayStation, in conjunction with 94.7 Highveld Stereo, is waiting for one lucky visitor to grab it. Every ticket purchased into the Entertainment Gaming Pavilion qualifies as an entry, so bring the whole family along for the ride.

Tickets to the Gaming Entertainment Pavilion can be purchased at the show for R 20 which gives the ticket holder access for  two hours.

The pavilion will be open from 14h00 to 19h00 weekdays and 10h00 to 19h00 on weekends from 19 to 28 April 2019.

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Riaad Moosa show debuts on Vodacom Video Play



Riaad Moosa’s comedy special, Life Begins, will be the first major local title to be released on Vodacom’s video-on-demand service, Video Play.

As an award-winning comedian, actor, writer and presenter, Riaad Moosa is one of South Africa’s most renowned funny men. His one-man show is available for download on the platform from today, 26 April 2019. Life Begins is rated PG-16L

Vodacom’s says its affordable video-on-demand service, Video Play, has had an incredible uptake since its launch in August 2018, with over 2-million subscribers. 

“But with a proliferation of affordable video-on-demand platforms available to the South African market, what is it that gives Video Play the competitive edge?” it asked in a release this week. “Recognising the consumer’s need for flexibility and freedom of choice, Vodacom has ingeniously developed an adaptable subscription model that puts the power in consumers’ hands. Forget being tied down to a monthly subscription. Video Play gives consumers the liberty of choosing a daily, weekend or even monthly package. 

“Blockbuster movies can even be viewed for a once off cost, without subscription. Furthermore, these bundles can be purchased according to niche categories and genres, from Bollywood movies to gospel music.”

Consumers are able to pay for movies and series by using their airtime or adding it to their bill, eliminating the need for a credit card. Subscribers are also able to purchase video-specific data at a fraction of the regular price to consume constant content without overspending. Daily subscriptions start from R5 a day.

Zunaid Mahomed, Group Digital and Fixed Services Officer, says: “Video Play has enabled the company to provide a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. With the addition of Riaad Moosa’s Life Begins, we’re excited to offer consumers even more quality content and a wider variety of entertainment on demand than ever before. We’re putting quality entertainment, into the hands of anyone with a mobile device and an internet connection.”

Riaad Moosa describes his show as “very philosophical and existential”.

“It involves the normal issues of getting older while at the same time experiencing, at a maturity where I’m supposed to be wise, a world that is completely turned on its head.  It’s about how I negotiate all these things happening around me while trying to maintain a positive attitude. Through my comedic lens, I hope to put a different spin on that and hopefully I can enter my next 40 years with renewed vigour and excitement.”

To access Riaad Moosa’s Life Begins comedy special, register for Video via the Video Play website (

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