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Payment app for iOS, Android

Payment service provider Ogone has added a new in-app payment library for iOS and Android operating systems. According to Ogone, this saves the end-user time, as there is no need to be redirected to a third-party payment provider before the purchase can be completed.

As the Internet and e-commerce increasingly go mobile, a lot of e-merchants have invested in websites which offer easy access from mobile web browsers. More and more of them are however also creating apps to enhance the speed and customer experience of shopping on mobile devices. Ogone has developed an offer that will assist both e-merchants using a mobile website as well as those using mobile apps for their e-commerce. Ogone’s brand new in-app library is a highly secure and user-friendly plug-in payment solution – for iOS and Android operating systems – which can easily be integrated into the e-merchants’ mobile app. It allows the end-customers an improved user-experience: they can smoothly complete an online purchase payment within the app without the hassle and time loss of being redirected to the mobile browser. This development means that Ogone can offer its services to every kind of mobile payment strategy in any part of the world. The Ogone in-app library uses secure aliases (instead of storing the credit card details on the mobile device) which offers e-merchants the immense advantage of easy compliance with the strictest standards in the industry (such as PCI-DSS). It also offers high flexibility in look & feel. “The in-app library is an extension of our existing mobile offer of which the continuous development is one of our current priorities””, says Marcus W. Mosen, Chief Commercial Officer at Ogone.””Our customers were already able to apply our solutions for payment processing on their mobile website – keeping the cardholder securely on their website during the entire checkout process -, but now we can assist them with the increasingly popular use of mobile apps as well.””

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