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Parrot Ziks the Bluetooth lead

The new Zik Parrot is said to be one of the most advanced wireless headphone sets, with features like a touch panel, active noise cancelation and Bluetooth audio streaming.

Zik Parrot by Starck is packed with functions that make it the most advanced wireless headphones to enter the market. These include Intuitive Touch Panel, Active Noise Cancellation, Audio streaming over Bluetooth, Concert Hall Effect, Smart hands free and Unique Apps for controlling.

The Zik is the headset for the smartphone generation with specific engineering development to get a crystal clear hands-free conversation. Users can play music or receive calls wirelessly over Bluetooth, the headphone is compatible with all Bluetooth compatible devices (iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, PC, Mac, etc.) with NFC technology for instant pairing.

The ZIK is equipped with two directional microphones (for high frequency) and an Osseous conductor sensor (for low frequency). The headphone senses vibrations from the jawbone and merges it with voice signals making hands free telephony quick and easy just one short press of the headset to accept the call and a longer press to refuse the call.

The intuitive touch panel directly on the headset facilitates smooth and simple music control with a touch sensitive panel on the right ear cup and Intuitive gesture detection. Users just brush their hands in an upwards direction along the headset to turn the volume up or down to lower it or from left or right to pass through songs no more having to operate these functions from a smartphone. With the Automatic Head Detection function, users simply need to remove the headphone from their heads and place it around their necks for the music to pause. If they do this while on a call, the call will automatically switch to the phone.

Probably one of the coolest features is the Active Noise Cancellation isolating the user from external sound through use of four active microphones resulting in a 25 decibel (98%) reduction of external noise. This is achieved through highly advanced technology that takes the noise signal from the outside world, records and inverts it and then mixes it with the signal from the audio source – as a result, the ambient noise from outside is affectively cancelled out.

The Parrot audio engineering team has developed a sound effect called the Concert Hall Effect (CHE) to make users feel as if the sound is coming from the front as if they were located in a concert hall. Traditionally with a standard headphone the right ear can only listen to sound from the right ear cup and the left ear from the left ear cup but with CHE the effect is completely different bringing a more natural way of listening to listening, while reducing tiredness.

Zik Parrot by Starck is distributed in South Africa by SMAC, distributors of vehicle accessories and aftermarket products. The Zik can be purchased online at or at leading music and IT stores for R3999.


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