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Oxford chooses Epson

Oxford University Press has begun a trial rollout of Epson projectors to be used by the organisation’s sales representatives and training staff around the country.
Oxford University Press, anneducational publisher in South Africa, has begun a trial rollout of Epsonnprojectors to be used by the organisation’s sales representatives and trainingnstaff around the country.

Producing a wide range ofnquality, curriculum-compliant educational material, Oxford’s range ofneducational books range from Grade R to Grade 12 as well as higher educationntextbooks, general literature titles, dictionaries and atlases.

Oxford has more thann1,500 locally published books in 11 languages, written by more than 700 SouthnAfrican authors.

According to LourensnKruger, National Marketing Manager: Schools at Oxford University Press, thentrial rollout will initially see Oxford deploying 15 Epson EB-W8D projectorsninto its sales force.

Oxford approachednInchbrook AV, a supplier and integrator of commercial audio visualncommunication infrastructures, looking for a mobile projector that included anbuilt-in DVD player and speakers.

“The reason we needednsuch a specific projector model is that our sales representatives utilise andemo DVD when presenting to potential customers. Providing each rep withnhis/her own mobile all-in-one projector unit will make delivering theirnpresentations a lot easier and much more professional,” he says.

Francois du Plessis, CEOnof Inchbrook AV, immediately recommended the Epson EB-W8D all-in-one projectornfor its ability meet the requirements from Oxford.

“In addition to salesnpresentations, Oxford staff will also be able to use the projectors in teacherntraining workshops, where teachers are trained on their respective curriculanand on how to implement the curriculum in their classrooms using our books,” henexplains.  “Oxford aims to reach around 12,000 teachers in this initialnrollout of projectors.”

Hugh Davies Epson SA’snBusiness Development Manager based in the Western Cape, says that the EpsonnEB-W8D all-in-one projector is ideal for Oxford to use as an easy and excitingnmultimedia teaching and presentation tool.

“Specifically designed tonmeet the needs of the education sector, the EB-W8D projector provides practicalnfeatures that virtually eliminate the burden of using IT equipment and externalncables, so that presenters can focus on what they do best – getting theirnmessages across effectively.

“Bright and mobile, withnpowerful integrated speakers and a DivX-compatible DVD unit, this is the mostnadvanced multimedia projector available,” he adds.

Feedback from Oxford onnthe rollout of Epson EB-W8D projectors has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Apart from their ease ofnuse and compact design, Epson overall build quality, combined with thenattractive 3-year warranty on both the device and the globe made the EB-W8D anlogical choice for Oxford,” Kruger says.

“With a lower cost ofnownership and the improved professionalism these projectors have given ournsales and training staff, we’re confident that this trial will expand in thencoming months with a nation-wide rollout of these projectors,” he concludes.

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