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Open a bank account in under ten minutes

FNB has recently launched an initiative that allows customers to open a bank account in under ten minutes. According to the bank this can be done from the comfort of your home – sans papers.
It is finally possible to open a bank account in less than 10 minutes. FNB Online Banking has created a new online application that allows customers to open a range of accounts from the comfort of their homes.

The new application takes customers through a simple intuitive process of opening up a paperless account in real time.
“This means that clients can transact immediately on new accounts from the convenience of their couch,” says CEO of FNB Online Banking Lee-Anne van Zyl.

To facilitate an online shopping experience, clients now have the ability to apply for multiple accounts simultaneously. A novel feature is the capability to cancel the application and request a ‘call me back’ at any stage in the process. This will prompt a call from an FNB representative who will assist the client and ensure that their needs are met.

“We want to empower clients by offering them more information, which will enable better informed decision-making,” says Van Zyl.
During the process, clients are also offered the bank’s free value-added services of eBucks, Cellphone Banking and the InContact transaction notification system, to name a few.

FNB’s online banking platform underwent a mini face-lift during the first weeks of 2010, but behind these modest changes, the bank has launched a massive functionality and performance upgrade.

The bank’s focus on its online banking platform is already paying off as is evident through surging traffic volumes.
FNB reports that its online customer numbers have increased by 25% year-on-year; with more than 1.3 million FNB account holders now banking online.

“Remote access, complete convenience and self-service are primary drivers of this growth,” adds Van Zyl.

“We are rapidly approaching the day when our clients can perform all their bank transactions without having to visit a branch. FNB Online Banking, together with provides clients with secure transacting, account management, professional advice and financial community blogging,” adds Van Zyl.

Products on offer include cheque, credit card, savings and investment accounts, as well as share and unit trust purchasing for the personal market. In the near future, FNB Online will also add home loans, student loans, personal loans as well as several non-resident accounts to ensure a seamless process of acquiring all the most popular banking accounts online.

“Opening a bank account on has never been easier,” concludes Van Zyl.

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