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Fujitsu has introduced the Business Solutions Store, providing companies of all sizes with a single platform marketplace for cloud-based business applications and business processes. The solutions, provided by Fujitsu and its partners, include Fujitsu CRM Cloud Services.

The Fujitsu Business Solutions Store provides a marketplace for partners to offer their software ‚as a service‚ to new customers. A simple interface makes it easy to ensure that applications are cloud and Business Solutions Store ready in only a few days.

For small, medium and large enterprise customers the Fujitsu Business Solutions Store provides a smooth transition path from legacy on-premise systems into the cloud, providing access to pre-tested and certified applications and business processes. In moving away from traditional software licensing to a new subscription-based, pay-as-you-use model, customers can enjoy savings in license fees and maintenance costs as well as reduced IT infrastructure costs.

The marketplace adds momentum to Fujitsu’s growing cloud eco-system. Since 2010, Fujitsu has been actively recruiting ISVs (independent software vendors) and offers them a risk-free revenue-sharing model to help jump-start new business in the cloud. By partnering with Fujitsu, ISVs can immediately address new markets globally without any upfront investment, neither in onboarding nor in IT infrastructure ‚ since everything runs on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform.

In addition to partner software, Fujitsu today announces the availability of its own business applications to the Business Solutions Store. Fujitsu’s first cloud solution is Fujitsu CRM Cloud Services. Based on open source technology, this introduces a more affordable entry point than traditional CRM software packages while still providing a standard feature set.

Andre Kiehne, Vice President Cloud Business at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, says: ‚Fujitsu Business Solutions Store offers customers a multitude of advantages: they can benefit from the fast growing eco-system and by shifting gear to new subscription based business solutions. And for ISVs, partnering with Fujitsu is the equivalent of an ‚backstage’ pass, since it provides them with easy access to a growing and truly global cloud solutions marketplace.‚

The Fujitsu Business Solutions Store and Fujitsu CRM Cloud Services will go live in different global regions early in 2012.


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