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Huawei’s nova 10 series offers a path to a smart lifestyle.

With recent historical events and shifting social consciousness, our lives have increasingly become focused on the digital realm.

This means products must now offer a fully digital lifestyle experience for existing users and help new or doubtful users integrate their activity into smart digital living.

Huawei has come to the party with the ground-breaking nova 10 Series, with the nova 10 Pro and nova 10 geared to what the company calls “smart living”, thanks to advanced front-facing camera technology, fast-charging and entertainment features.

Huawei provided the following information on what the nova 10 Pro and nova 10 can do, and how they help master a smart lifestyle:

Convenience for mobile working

With the rise of remote working, more people require greater convenience when working at home, in the office, in cafes, or even when working remotely from abroad. As a result, users want greater portability when it comes to their work and entertainment devices. To facilitate smarter and more versatile connectivity, the Huawei nova 10 Pro and Huawei nova 10 come with Huawei Share, a feature that allows you to share files and data across Huawei devices.

With Multi-Screen Collaboration available on Huawei nova 10 Series, you can gather all your computer, phone and tablet activities into one centralised screen. For instance, you can connect the MatePad and your phone by dragging the MatePad icon over to the Huawei nova 10 icon. Once connected, you will be able to make calls, chat, watch videos and browse photos from the phone on the tablet screen. Similarly, you can access the files on the smartphone directly from the computer without the need for any cables. Once your laptop and phone are connected, you can simply drag-and-drop any videos or pictures from your phone’s Gallery onto the computer for editing and right-click to save the files to your phone.

Now, digital nomads and content creators can rejoice as they untangle themselves from the inconvenience of multiple HDMI wires and USB cables.  With the Huawei nova 10 Pro and Huawei nova 10, you can also double up as external portable drives for your computers since file transfers are possible with simple drag-and-drops. Moreover, the Drag to Connect feature enables you to connect devices together in a more intuitive way making the connection visible and tangible.

Intuitive navigation

The Huawei nova 10 Series provides a variety of other features to help improve the interactive experience, namely, the Service Widgets that allows you to view real-time information from the apps on the home screen with a simple swipe. Being larger than app icons, the Service Widgets can display all the information you need without having to open the app. On the other hand, the Smart Folder function makes your home screen even easier to navigate. It groups your apps into categories on your homepage with up to 8 apps in a folder.  If there are more than 8 icons in a Smart Folder, the extra icons will be superimposed in a slightly smaller size on the lower right corner of the folder.

By structuring the smartphone’s homepage in a more intuitive way, the Huawei nova 10 Pro and Huawei nova 10 create a system in which you can instinctively find an app without needing to scroll and swipe back and forth.

Device sharing

Connecting your smartphone to other devices allows you to enhance the user experience. With the Drag-to-Connect feature, you can connect the Huawei nova 10 Series to other Huawei devices. Imagine watching a movie during your bus ride home. Upon your arrival, if you wish to switch to a larger screen and higher-quality speakers to continue watching, you can simply go to the Control Panel and drag the smart screen icon. The video will then be projected onto the Huawei Vision screen. If you drag the earbuds icon, the audio of the movie will be switched to your earbuds instantly.

  • Purchase the Huawei nova 10 Pro for R15,999 and the Huawei nova 10 for R12,999 from the Huawei online store and at selected retailers.
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