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Nokia’s New Bling

This phone always makes you feel like your special, but if you can afford one you probably are.

The phone does have a bit of a slow startup time but it’s got an amazing 262k screen, one thing which disappointed me is that it has the same themes as the Nokia 6230i. The user interface of the phone is very slick and it is amazingly quick. As for the calendar its good enough for most people as it has meeting, call, Birthday, memo and ye olde reminder, it also sync’s via Bluetooth with outlook, It also has a calculator which is very easy to operate.

The graphics engine in the phone is brilliant the icons, letters and games look sharp and clear. The screen is covered by hardened glass so it gives the screen wonderful clarity. Unfortunately competing phones cameras have about four times as many pixels as the 8800 but if you just take pictures to be viewed on your phone and the occasional e mail then this shouldn’t worry you as the quality is acceptable. The whole body is encased in stainless steel, which they claim is scratch proof. I tested that statement and yes it is to a degree the screen I managed to get two small scratches on, but on the rest of the body there were only a couple of hairline scratches. This is not a phone for people with big fingers or small pockets as the keys are minute and the price is about double that of competing phones. The phone has EDGE so surfing the web is lighting fast, according to nokia the phone can steam video but when I tried MTN said it cant, so I tried Vodacom. I got the same answer. So this phone right now is has got all the latest features but as soon as the next generation of phones break cover it will be almost obsolete.

The simple answer is NO.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and Nokia wanted the phone back. Overall this is a fantastic phone that is a pleasure to use and joy to own, unfortunately only a few people with very deed pockets will have the privilege of owning it, and if your thinking ‚ill get it on my contact‚ , think again the only contract it is available free on is the Cell C BusinessChat 1000. But if you are looking for a new phone and can afford it then this phone is a viable option.

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