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Sony Ericsson W810i

Sony Ericssons latest Walkman phone tried and tested.
The startup is a bit slow but after the wait, its all uphill. The operating system is stunningly simple and intuitive so you very seldom find yourself getting lost in the phones software, it also obeys your commands with lightning speed for every operation, except when searching for contacts, for some reason it slows down quite allot there. The Walkman software is very easy to operate and really orange, it works very quickly and is simple to navigate.
The W810i is part of a large range of Walkman phones none which have been particularly attractive, luckily with this model you actually feel quite proud to whip it out of your pocket. When you turn the phone on it gives you an option of just the Walkman feature or to urn the whole phone on which could prove quite useful when traveling. It comes with in ear buds which cut out all external noise and create real bass, they are absolutely orgasmic to listen to music on. Just a friendly piece of info, They put the iPods supplied headphones to shame. The sound quality is superb it possibly has the best sound quality in all the portable audio range, which is incredible considering it is a cell phone! A few weeks ago I tested the actual Sony Walkman, which was quite good but this is allot better, the only gripe I have is that it only comes with 512mb of memory which is quite limited.nnnnAnd finally the camera, its beautiful it works on a landscape mode and has a dedicated button to shoot with, and with 2 mega pixels and auto focus in its pocket its unstoppable. Its almost impossible to take bad pictures no matter what the environmental conditions are.nnnnThe W810i also comes with some other cool software like the newsreader, which downloads the latest news from a selection of agencies, it also has two games only one is worth playing.nnEDGE mite not be the latest technology but it is still fast enough to download e mails and surf the web on your W810i, which by the way has a fantastic web browser.
By now I was very skeptical, this phone performed well in every test I put it though all that was left was to see how it synchronized with a PC, and I was positive this is where it was going to fail. nnI was wrong, the software syncs seamlessly with everything in Outlook and insanely quickly. The software suite is as easy to use as the phone itself, you can transfer songs, videos and files in seconds, wow.nnnnSo overall this is the type of phone other phones want to grow up to be like.
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