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New Year, New Safety: Win a Nokia with Namola Plus

In 2020, South Africans can stay connected to emergency services with Namola Plus. Gadget is giving away two Nokia 5.1 smartphones with a Namola Plus subscription.



Whether your home gets broken into or you get involved in a car accident, life happens. Now the Namola app is here to keep South Africans safer and connected to emergency services when they need it. 

The fastest way to request emergency assistance is via the Namola app. It uses a phone’s GPS location to notify the closest responders about who and where the user is. It also uses a combination of local law enforcement and community safety initiatives, so they can come to the user’s aid as fast as possible.

Namola is free but it does offer a paid subscription called Namola Plus. If offers armed response and private emergency medical services (EMS), even when you don’t subscribe to these services outside of Namola. This means Namola can send armed response if you need it, faster than other response services. The private EMS is also available to Namola Plus users, even if they’re not on medical aid. Namola Plus costs R49 per month.

Here are some tips on how to stay safe this year:

  • Tag along the perfect wingman – (Virtually) bring your loved ones along when you drive, ensuring they are with you every step of the way via the Namola Family Safety and Tracking features that allow you to share your location or, with permission, track your nearest while they’re on the move. 
  • Know what’s out there – rather look at the roads you intend to travel with Google Maps before you take them. This helps you to avoid nasty traffic surprises, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the areas. One can use the Nokia 5.1’s Google Assistant function that provides you with your own personal assistant without having to say OK Google. This makes it convenient to ask “what’s the traffic like to work?” or “how long will it take to get to a petrol station?” without having to tap the screen.
  • Don’t hesitate if you feel unsafe – Namola is available to help keep you safe. That’s why you should always request help, even if you’re not 100% sure you need it yet. Namola can also be requested for other people, so if you see someone in danger, open the Namola app to request help. It could save that person’s life.

To stand a chance to win one of two Nokia 5.1 phones, and a 6-month subscription to Namola Plus to the value of R3,099, sign up for Gadget’s Newsletter here, and follow this link to the competition that will be supplied in the newsletter every day this week. For more information on the terms of the competition, read here.


New Bok coach to reveal technology game-changers

Fans have been invited to discover the future of SA rugby and technology at the Dell Tech Byte online event with new Springbok coach Jacques Nienaber. (Win a VIP invite)



Image by Jason.nlw

New Springbok rugby coach Jacques Nienaber is set to lift the lid on his vision for South African rugby over the next few years – and how technology has helped the boks take their game to new heights.

Nienaber will join technology expert Nigel Moulton at a Dell Tech Byte online event on 12 March 2020, where he will talk through how technology improved the boks’ game, and what is next for the world champions.

When the Springboks emerged victorious at the Rugby World Cup in 2019, it was the culmination of years of effort and focus. The team also employed modern sports technologies, such as player performance analytics, to hone a winning team into its best shape. 

Nienaber will offer insights into these technologies, and how they align with his vision. He will discuss both the national team, which is sponsored by Dell Technologies, as well as his ambitions for women’s rugby in South Africa.

Jacques Nienaber, new Springbok rugby coach

Attendees interested in the broader impact of technology will hear from Nigel Moulton, Dell Technologies’ global chief technology officer (CTO). He frequently delivers keynote presentations on the impact of digital technology on human futures. 

“We designed the Dell Technologies Tech Byte online event to reach a wide audience,” says Jason Jenkinson, country marketing manager at Dell Technologies SA. “Instead of limiting this to a physical showcase, we are creating a unique opportunity to meet the new Springbok rugby coach and learn more about where technology is headed on and off the field. 

“Our global CTO will delve into the current state of digital transformation, the connected CEOs who are more in touch with their transformation efforts, and the growing relationship between the CIO and CEO.”

Jason Jenkinson, country marketing manager at Dell Technologies SA

The online live event will be hosted by Dell Technologies South Africa MD Doug Woolley, and MCd by the well-known personality Aki Anastasiou.

“It’s been an amazing journey with the Springbok team so far, and we wanted to share some of that with the rest of the country,” says Jenkinson. “Where is SA rugby going and how is technology helping create more winners? Jacques Nienaber will share his vision for the team and the sport, and connect a few technology dots as well. 

“Nigel Moulton will take us deeper into the practical side of the technology revolution, which will interest business leaders and decision-makers. This event is a great opportunity to see just how much technology influences everyone’s success.”

* Win an exclusive brunch, served as a snack box wherever you are, as part of the TechByte online event, designed by Dell Technologies to keep you at the forefront of digital transformation.  Dell Technologies has given us the opportunity to invite 3 Gadget readers to be VIP virtual guests during the webinar. Retweet with comment/Quote Tweet a simple question we have posted on Twitter, with your answer in the comment, and tag @DellTechZA. The winners will receive a snack box filled with food, snacks and a drink to enjoy while watching the webinar. 

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Charged Power keeps gadgets going (and you can win a set)

From torches to smart devices, Charged Power is keeping gadgets powered this holiday season, even when the plugs are off. Three sets of their products are up for grabs.



From wet coal to power station sabotage at Eskom, South Africa’s power utility has been turning the consumer’s lights off at odd times. It’s especially inconvenient when torch batteries and power banks are going flat. Enter Charged Power. The combo between its high-capacity power banks and USB rechargeable AA and AAA batteries make it very convenient to keep the lights on even when the lights are out. 

The powerbanks are branded CHJGD, with two ranges, namely high capacity units called Premium Magnum Opus, and the lighter Ultra Compact units, all in a small form-factor. The power banks range from 21000mAh with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support – meaning fast charging of compatible smartphones – to 5000mAh power banks that can charge most phones a couple of times. 

CHJGD Premium Magnum Opus includes two types of high-performance powerbanks, one with 21000mAh capacity and the other with 10000mAh. Both  support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, which allows smartphones using the Qualcomm Quick Charge chip to be charged up to 80% in 35 minutes, compared to regular chargers getting to 20% in that time. The powerbanks feature LCD screens that show how much battery they have left as a percentage, and LED lights that act as torches. Dual USB ports allow two devices to be charged at the same time, and the units include overheating protection.

The CHJGD Ultra Compact range come in a much smaller form factor that’s much lighter. They come in 10000mAh and 5000mAh variants, and feature cool designs like airplane boarding passes, traditional South African patterns, and Ferrari imagery. They also feature fast charging at 2.1A, and a four-LED battery indicator. USB cables are included for micro USB devices, as well as an adapter for newer iPhone and iPad devices. They also feature short-circuit and high temperature protection.

For battery powered devices, Charged Power offers the Infinite Power range of AA and AAA USB-rechargeable batteries. These can be used in torches, toys, and remote controls, among many other gadgets. They make use of Micro-USB ports directly on the batteries to recharge, meaning no proprietary chargers are needed for these batteries. They can be recharged up to 500 times, making them some of the most affordable batteries in the long run.

They come in AA and AAA variants, which are 1000 mAh and 450 mAh respectively per battery. The batteries also feature a soft button, which indicate charge level. From flat, they take around 5,5 hours to charge. They last depending on the device in which they are used. Remotes may last for months, while toys that draw a lot of power may last a few days.

The best part is the batteries can be used with the power banks, meaning if there’s no power for a while, torch batteries can remain charged. 

To bring the power to the people, Charged Power has provided Gadget with 3 bundles of power banks and USB-rechargeable batteries. The bundles include Infinite Power batteries, one AA and one AAA set, and a 10000mAh power bank from the Premium Magnum Opus range or Ultra Compact range.

To stand a chance of winning this set, follow us on Twitter on @GadgetZA, follow Charged Power on @ChargedPower, and answer a simple question about the names of the power banks and USB-rechargeable batteries.

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