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New MFPs from Nashua

Nashua Limited has announced the Ricoh’s Aficio MPC 4502 and MPC 5502 printers. The printers offer a customisable user interface and increased security levels.

These Multi-Function Printers (MFP’s) enable a more convenient work flow, while simultaneously enhancing security levels through new features such as advanced controller technology, a customisable user interface and better overall operational intelligence.

Users can execute an operation in one step rather than several, as they are able to remove and add function icons or add them as shortcuts, as well as programme and set frequently used job operations on the home screen of the device.

Nashua Limited Product Manager, Glenn Goslin, further explains the benefits of these printers.

‚Many other printers are still characterised by slow and cumbersome processes, which considerably lowers organisational efficiency and production optimisation during a typical work day. However, the MPC 4502 and MPC 5502 MFP’s ensure that users have access to intuitive, efficient, sustainable and secure devices. Ultimately, this results in enhanced productivity and reduced costs throughout the organisation.‚

The devices, which feature a built-in web browser and tilt-able panels, simultaneously streamline processes and help the environment through customisable, eco-friendly features. These include the ability to set quota limits on the amount of paper sheets outputted per user: and an infographic display on statistics relating to the ‚green’ behaviour of each user. This appears on the touch screen once users have logged into the device.

The MPC 4502 and MPC 5502 are also characterised by a higher printing quality and better media handling, as the temperature toner on the printers is 10 degrees Celsius lower than competitor models. This ensures that they operate more proficiently, as there is lower total energy consumption and a reduced warm up and recovery time.

Goslin adds that these are some of the most secure devices in the market place, as they are embedded with two algorithms which allow all stored files such as scans and faxes to be encrypted. He adds that one of these algorithms has been adopted by the US government, while the other one has developed and designed by the US national security intelligence agency.

He concludes that Nashua will continue to benefit its customers through offering the latest technological innovations and solutions.

‚Nashua has access to the most current and up-to-date solutions and technologies, owing to our on-going and established reputation as the largest distributor of Ricoh products in the world. We intend to continue to draw on this successful relationship, in order to ensure that our customers are able to benefit from end-to-end solutions that add real value to their daily operations.‚

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