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Pure Distribution, a telecommunications distribution company, has announced Swapkit, an electronics trade-in and recycling venture that is now available at all Incredible Connection stores.

Swapkit is designed to focus on the unused electronics market and makes it easy for retailers to purchase consumers’ used mobile phones, iPads, iPod’s, and selected tablets. Incredible Connection shoppers can now enjoy the benefits of the Swapkit service when they trade in their used phone, tablet or iPod and receive a voucher that can be redeemed in-store and use it to upgrade to something new.

Colin Williamson, Managing Director at Pure Distribution says, ‚We are extremely pleased to have joined forces with the likes of a reputable technology retailer such as Incredible Connection. So often old devices tend to be handed down for years or simply find homage in the bottom of drawers that are hardly ever opened so with Swapkit, being able to offer credit back for old devices is an opportunity we hope to continue and grow with Incredible Connection in the future.‚

Swapkit is a software system that seamlessly evaluates the second hand product, while conducting a security check to make sure the product hasn’t been stolen, and delivers an instantaneous credit value back to the consumer in less than five minutes.

Incredible Connection’s acting CEO Stefan Marnewick said, ‚We are delighted to be working with Pure Distribution and look forward to offering our consumers the service from Swapkit. Incredible Connection will be affording our customers the opportunity to be remunerated for their older electronic devices as well as the opportunity to upgrade to newer technology. By trading in your old technology customers will effectively be recycling as the old technology will be refreshed for distribution into other countries.‚