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New BlackBerry Torch now in SA

Research In Motion today announced the availability of the BlackBerry Torch 9810, featuring the BlackBerry 7 operating system and a 3.2‚ screen. The phone will be available from MTN and Vodacom.

Research In Motion (RIM) today announced the launch of the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 smartphone, which features the new BlackBerry 7 operating system, in South Africa. The BlackBerry Torch 9810 will be available from MTN and Vodacom.

Building on the popular design of the BlackBerry Torch 9800, the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 is faster with high performance hardware features and the new BlackBerry 7 OS delivering an enhanced multimedia experience. Featuring a large 3.2‚ , high resolution touch display and a distinctive BlackBerry keyboard that easily slides out to allow faster typing, the BlackBerry Torch 9810 truly delivers the best of both worlds.

‚We are excited to introduce the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 in the South African market,‚ says Rui Brites, Director of Product Management for Africa at RIM. ‚We believe that customers in South Africa will be thrilled by the faster performance, enhanced browsing and richer multimedia delivered by this powerful new BlackBerry 7 smartphone.‚

BlackBerry 7

BlackBerry 7 provides users with a fast, fluid and intuitive experience, featuring a next generation BlackBerry Browser, voice-activated searches, the ability to manage personal content separately from corporate content, as well as additional personal and productivity apps out of the box.

The next generation BlackBerry Browser combines the dramatically improved performance of the advanced WebKit browser engine together with the powerful hardware enhancements found in the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 to deliver browsing results that are up to 40% faster than BlackBerry® 6 based smartphones and up to twice as fast as models running BlackBerry. Additional enhancements to the browser have also optimized HTML5 performance for incredible gaming and video experiences.

The new BlackBerry Torch 9810 smartphone also features Liquid Graphics‚Ñ¢ technology, which combines a dedicated high-performance graphics processor with the smartphone’s blazingly fast 1.2 GHz CPU and stunning high resolution display to deliver a highly responsive touch interface with incredibly fast and smooth graphics.

For more information about the new BlackBerry Torch 9810 smartphone, please visit:

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