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MWC: Electroneum M1 – The phone that pays you to use it

At MWC19 in Barcelona this week, Electroneum launched the M1; an affordable $80 Android smartphone designed for people in developing regions. But with one difference: unlike any other smartphone on the market, the M1 is the phone that pays you back for using it…

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The Electroneum M1 features built-in Cloud Mining, which earns it’s owner up to $3 USD worth of ETN (the mobile cryptocurrency) every month, which users can spend on anything they like, including mobile data top-ups. 

Despite the low price of just $80, the M1 isn’t a featureless phone. Unlike reconditioned phones typically purchased at this price point, the M1 comes with 4G connectivity, Dual Sims, 8GB storage, and front and rear-facing cameras.