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MWC: Green power takes top mobile honours

Flexenclosure, a supplier of environmentally friendly telecom site solutions, was together with its partner Ericsson awarded a Global Mobile Award in the category “Best use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development” for their Community Power project at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
GSMA, representing the worldwide mobile communications industry, announced the winners of the Global Mobile Awards 2011. Swedish “green” site solution specialist Flexenclosure won the award for “Best use of Mobile for Social & Economic Development” category together with Ericsson for the “Ericsson Community Power” project.

The Ericsson Community Power solution has been developed by Flexenclosure and Ericsson. Comprising Ericsson Community Power and Flexenclosure’s E-site solution this product combines an off-grid base-station site powered mainly by renewable energy sources such as sun and wind and controlled by an intelligent control system, with the ability to share excess power with surrounding local communities, institutions and individuals.

The excess power generated from the stations can be used by the local communities to recharge mobile phones or power streetlights, clinics and schools. It would even be possible to feed power from the base station into the national power grid which can help to alleviate power shortages.

Flexenclosure was also nominated for a “Best Green Product/Service or Performance” award, a.k.a the Green Mobile Award, also for its E-site solution.

E-site: 90 percent savings in fuel, operating expenses and CO2 emissions
E-site is a “green” off-grid site solution powered mainly by renewable energy sources (sun and wind) and controlled by an intelligent control system, enabling massive savings in operating expenses and maintenance visits. Results show a more than 90% savings in fuel and a more than 80% savings in operating expenses, and the reduction of the need for maintenance visits to only one per year.

CO2 emissions from the E-site base station, normally around 50 tonnes per station per year, could be cut by more than 90%. E-site is ideal for off-grid base stations in emerging markets. For more information see

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