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MTN’s AI bot goes to work

The name is inspired by the Springbok rugby captain, but this machine is designed for employee service.

MTN employees now have an AI chatbot to help staff help their customers.

SiYa, an internally launched employee chatbot serves as the foundation for what customers can anticipate from MTN in 2024, says the mobile network operator.

“With SiYa, MTN is taking the first step in a journey that will ultimately redefine customer engagement and set new standards for customer service,” it said in a statement.

MTN says the name “SiYa” draws inspiration from Siya Kolisi, the revered Springbok captain, renowned for embodying unity and a service mentality, through all he does. 

“By choosing the name SiYa, MTN aim to capture the essence of unity, harmony, and effective communication that has become synonymous with our national rugby team.”

SiYa’s capabilities extend from assisting employees with inquiries, offering information on company policies, and sharing insights from MTN’s knowledge base. It’s designed to offer immediate, contextually relevant support to employees, enhancing their experiences and reducing the friction often associated with traditional interactions. The knowledge gained from SiYa’s interactions will be instrumental in shaping the future of customer engagement at MTN. 

Charles Molapisi, MTN SA CEO

MTN SA CEO Charles Molapisi says: “SiYa’s ability to comprehend intricate user requests, tailor responses to individual preferences, and continuously enhance the quality of interactions aligns perfectly with our organisational strategy.” SiYa empowers employees to engage in meaningful conversations while managing their daily activities, demonstrating MTN’s vision for the future. 

Users can easily connect with SiYa through the Microsoft Teams app, where he excels at handling basic employee inquiries, providing information on company policies, and sharing insights from MTN’s knowledge base. As SiYa learns and evolves through interactions, users can expect to see him take on more roles and become increasingly helpful. 

SiYa’s growth doesn’t stop with employees; he evolves in tandem with the learning and development of the chatbot. This dynamic progression will eventually enable SiYa to guide customers in making device purchases and seamlessly collaborate with human advisors, marking a significant departure from conventional processes. 

Molapisi says: “For MTN, significant AI opportunities lie in Customer Value Management, Network Operations, and Customer Service, areas that are crucial for improving customer experience, reducing costs, and driving revenue growth. Our AI strategy builds on existing programmes that already drive six of the eight foundational capabilities required to become AI-native. However, we recognise the need for a step change in AI culture, AI ethics, AI studio funding, and AI skills development.” 

MTN South Africa’s roadmap includes AI to drive efficiency and core revenue growth while enhancing both customer and employee experiences. AI as a service intends to create and monetise solutions, making them accessible to competitors and similar businesses. Meanwhile, AI as a solution seeks to develop AI solutions that complement core business offerings and cater to consumer and enterprise needs. 

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