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MTN extends data price reductions

Following the announcement in March 2013 to reduce Internet price plans and bundle rates, MTN SA has extended its mobile data sale until 30 September 2013

‚”The price plan reduction has proven to be sufficiently successful and we have decided to extend these data offerings to our customers until 30 September 2013. We acknowledge that data remains an essential requirement for the continued development of the digital world,‚” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA.

As an added benefit to this extension, MTN SA is further reducing the existing 500MB Internet bundle for this extension period. Instead of paying the current reduced rate of R119, customers can now enjoy 500MB of data for a low price of R99!

To recap these offerings, for the next 3 months, MTN customers can continue to enjoy the following benefits:

· Receive 10MB free when they purchase a 10MB Internet bundle for only R10

· Enjoy a further 25MB of Internet connectivity free of charge when they purchase a 75MB Internet bundle for only R29, reduced from the previous R49 rate

· The 300MB Internet bundle has been reduced from R149 and will now only cost MTN customers R79 to load

· The 500MB Internet bundle has been further reduced from R119 and now costs only R99 to purchase.

¬∑ MTN’s 1GB Internet bundle has been significantly reduced from R289 and will now cost only R149

· The 2GB Internet bundle has been slashed from R389 and now costs R245

To load an MTN bundle customers can simply dial *141*2# or download the myMTNza App from their app store.

MTN’s contract customers will continue to also benefit from the following until the 30 September 2013:

· Pay only R49 for 500MB on a monthly basis

· The 1GB price plan has been reduced from R99 to only R79 per month

· The 1GB TopUp plan will only cost R99, reduced from R129 every month

· The 2GB plan has been slashed from R139 to R119 each month

· The 2GB TopUp plan is no longer R189 and now costs R149 monthly

‚”The extension in these offerings is to ensure that we not only continue to deliver a world-class Internet experience as well as quality services and products to our customers but to allow our customers to continue to engage in this bold new digital world at a convenient and suitable price to them,‚” concludes Taukobong.

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