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Screaming at your TV? These are the most foul-mouthed gamers

Guess which video games make gamers the angriest? We provide a guide to the most toxic games.

At least 12 video games get gamers so angry, they shout at their TVs or consoles.

It is reported that over 50% of gamers experience gaming-related rage at least once per week. And as many as 62% of gamers say that they experience online abuse. Clearly, this can create a toxic environment for gamers. Which games should you avoid if you want to stay away from angry gamers? analysed the percentage of Reddit gaming comments containing swear words to see which video game generates the most anger from players. 

The video games with the angriest gamers

RankVideo Game title Number of comments analysedComments containing swear wordsPercentage of comments containing swear words
1Team Fortress 25,58359210.60%
2Call of Duty23601968.31%
3League of Legends90296567.27%
4Dota 267464757.04%
5World of Warcraft83635826.96%
8Counter Strike: Global Offensive47192986.31%
9Mass Effect96175926.16%
10Mortal Kombat134908286.14%
11Grand Theft Auto V31721946.12%
15Destiny The Game131336054.61%

The full data set can be found here.

#1:Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is the video game that causes the most anger among gamers with a whopping 10.6% of Reddit comments including swearing. TF2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter in which players battle it out in an arena-type environment. It’s no surprise that this can generate tense and angry situations among gamers.

#2: Call of Duty (COD) comes in second place with 8.31% of Reddit comments featuring swear words. COD is one of the most popular game series ever made; with more than 400 million lifetime units in sales. The game has both a competitive multiplayer mode and single-player storyline mode that is sure to frustrate players as they fail missions.

#3: League of Legends (League) is the third video game that gets us the most frustrated, with 7.27% of comments containing swearing. League is a highly competitive battle arena game with a popular e-sports following. In 2022, 5,147,701 people watched the League World Championship for a prize pool of $7,763,943. This highly competitive environment is sure to make the losses feel even more frustrating. 

How can you control your anger while gaming? reached out to tech blogger and cofounder of TechRT Rajesh Namase for some tips on reducing anger while playing video games: 

‘One important way to manage stress and rage while gaming is to take breaks when needed,” he said. “Set specific limits for yourself so that you don’t lose track of time or become too invested in the game. 

“If you start feeling frustrated during the game, pause it and walk away for a few minutes before returning to it. This will give you some much-needed space from the situation and help clear your head so that you can return more focused on problem-solving rather than reacting emotionally. Additionally, creating boundaries for yourself during gameplay can help reduce frustration levels as well as promote healthier habits in general.’


1: conducted an analysis of over 19,000 posts and over 138,000 comments on 20 gaming subreddits to identify games with the most foul-mouthed users. The Reddit scraper built for this research utilised both the Pushshift and PRAW APIs. 

2: A seed list of the most popular games with subreddits available were acquired from multiple authoritative sources.

3: For each subreddit, comments on up to 1000 of the most recent posts were scraped. A maximum of 50 top level comments were collected per post. The resulting dataset consisted of over 138,000 comments.

4: A list of swear words including variations and common adaptations accounting for the semantics of redditors were collected. A binary assignment was subsequently performed to label comments containing any of the defined keywords.

5: An aggregation performed by game resulted in a dataset detailing the sample size of posts and submissions analysed, together with the percentage of comments containing profanity.

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