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Monitor apps on BlackBerry

RIM has announced the BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor app, which finds and alerts users of idle apps that are draining battery life.

The Application Resource Monitor (ARM) is designed to identify and alert you to idle apps that are draining battery life and automatically close them.

ARM will only trigger an alert for apps that are running but not in use, or are running while the device has been idle.

Users may also choose to turn off the feature, ignore the alert, or add an app to a white list which will cause the ARM to ignore it moving forward.

The Application Resource Monitor is available to download on BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry 7.1 devices.

The ARM app is part of a family of apps that are already accessible on BlackBerry 7.1 devices, including Battery Saving Mode and Application Manager, which help users to optimise battery and memory usage. Battery Saving Mode lets you extend battery life by unobtrusively reducing battery drain: this includes setting the backlight brightness to 20%, setting backlight timeout to 20 seconds, automatically dimming the backlight, and reducing the timing on mobile hotspot auto shutdown. Application Manager alerts the user if they are running low on application memory and prompts for removal of unused languages and/or applications.

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