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Mobile World: Read the paper sans dirty thumbs



At this year’s Mobile World Congress, the heat is on to see which phone vendor has the best applications. BlackBerry seems to be doing well, especially with it latest NewsMate application.

Read the newspaper on your BlackBerry smartphone, turning the pages as if they were printed on paper. This is the latest application for BlackBerry smartphone users from the Italian-based company Softec, a developer of global mobility solutions.

The NewsMate application for BlackBerry smartphones lets you read articles that are categorised into different topics such as current affairs, politics or sport. It also lets you virtually turn over the pages, just like a paper-based newspaper.

‚We were the first to respond to the signs of change in the newspaper publishing sector and are pleased to deliver the NewsMate app, which can transmit any type of information to the most common devices on the market today including BlackBerry smartphones devices,‚ explains Maurizio Bottaini, the Softec CEO.

RCS, one of the most important Italian publishing groups, was the first to believe in the new communication model proposed by Softec which produced the mobile version of ‚Corriere della Sera’ and ‚La Gazzetta dello Sport’ (two of the daily papers with the largest circulation in Italy).

For the communications world, the mobile channel is a new business model, and the ubiquity of the BlackBerry solution helps them increase readership. Therefore, NewsMate represents the latest frontier for publishers, advertising agents, and anyone who wants to transmit information simply, safely and immediately as it can accommodate advertising opportunities and is also compatible with premium or payment-based services.

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