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Mitsubishi intros electrified crossover

The Japan Mobility Show 2023 next week will see the manufacturer premiere an MPV concept car.

Mitsubishi Motors heads to the Japan Mobility Show 2023 next week to premiere an electrified crossover MPV concept car that, it says, “will awaken the adventurous spirit of drivers and expand their horizons”.

The company will also debut the new Triton bakkie, as well as displaying the Last 1 mile Mobility, a small mobility vehicle developed in collaboration with a start-up company.

Mitsubishi says the electrified crossover MPV concept car combines the road handling of an SUV with the comfort and user-friendliness of an MPV, with a view toward achieving a carbon-neutral society. Based on the concept of Borderless Adventure, it features a spacious cabin “with a sense of openness and offers the cruising range and driving performance to handle all kinds of adventures”. 

The car has the ability to switch driving modes as the situation demands. With a high ground clearance and an electric four-wheel drive system that allows the large-diameter tyres to grip the ground, this electrified crossover MPV is designmed to be “a reliable partner that provides a pleasant driving experience with peace of mind regardless of weather or road conditions”.
Last 1 mile Mobility

The Last 1-mile Mobility is a small mobility vehicle developed in collaboration with LifeHub, a start-up company that is working on the development and commercialisation of next-generation mobility chairs. This buggy-type compact mobility system, powered by used batteries from electrified vehicles, “enables further adventures after the car reaches its destination”.

New Triton (prototype)
Developed under the product concept of Power for Adventure, the new Triton is a one-ton bakkie with a completely revamped interior and exterior design, frame, chassis, body and engine. The new model is scheduled for launch in Japan early next year, which will mark its first entry into the Japanese market in about 12 years.
Key features:

  • The newly developed ladder frame has been honed to achieve the utmost in durability and reliability, and the new 2.4L clean diesel turbo engine balances higher power output and enhanced environmental performance.
  • The newly developed suspension provides excellent ride comfort and steering stability, while the Super Select 4WD-II and upgraded drive modes deliver superior road performance.
  • The exterior features a commanding front-end design and a wide profile with robust styling, while the interior is classy yet highly functional and easy to operate.
  • Improvements in collision safety performance, driver assist features, and comfortability make it suitable for a wide range of applications from business to personal use.

“Mitsubishi Motors has been a leader in electrification and development of vehicles that deliver freedom of mobility to all people, utilising cutting-edge technologies,” says Jeffrey Allison, general manager for marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa.

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