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Merry Vlogmas with YouTube creators



Whether you are looking for inspiration to survive the Silly Season, or whether you turn into a sexy elf every December, if you want to light your spark early then the annual online tradition of Vlogmas is where you need to be.  

Vlogmas, where influential creators from YouTube’s creator community post their free ideas via video content every day during December, is guaranteed to update your plans and traditions on just about every aspect of the festive season.

But with so many channels to subscribe to, we wouldn’t want you to go on a wild goose chase this year. Luckily, Twala Ng’ambi, an experienced digital guru from Special Effects Media South Africa, who also happens to be heading up the Female Voices Development Programme, is 100% in the know when it comes to who is influencing what in South Africa today.

“For centuries, brands and consumers have turned themselves inside out to dance to the tune of traditional advertising, but these days it is the authentic real-life experiences of a pioneering and confident generation of storytellers, such as the talented creators we find on YouTube, who are influencing how we approach the holiday season and so much else,” says Twala.

“This year we have our eye on five extraordinary female voices, all of whom are influencing between 5000 to about 50000 subscribers with their go-to content on how to set trends in everything from hair, make-up, fashion, places to go, how to DIY with flair, being financial-savvy and just about everything else that matters to Generation Z and Millennials

Even though they are incredibly unique in their own right, the shared strengths of these female voices to listen to their audiences, have an attitude of inclusivity, and empower their subscribers through their own real-life experiences is why we believe the voices of these creators should be amplified.” says Twala.   

Here are five Vlogmas influencers to be on the lookout for this December.  

Ona Oliphant

Ona’s Oliphant’s knack for adding an original creative twist to even the most entrenched of traditions is why we will be keeping an eye on her daily Vlogmas posts this year. Not only that, the way Ona navigates the good life on a student budget and can motivate her audience to try something new is truly inspiring! 

Foyin Og

Affectionately dubbed as every woman’s internet bestie, Foyin Og’s eccentric make-up style and refreshing confidence is currently influencing over 11 000 subscribers in Africa, we look forward to seeing what she has in store for us this festive season.

Seithati Letsipa

We can’t wait to see how this much-loved vlogger plans to keep us sane this Silly Season. Seithati Letsipa’s dynamic and genuine experiences in the beauty and lifestyle spaces have earned her a place on our top 6 Vlogmas list. 

Zuziwe Gcuku

With a whopping 46k subscribers, it is safe to say that the tangible confidence of Zuziwe Gcuku has earned her a place as a trustworthy and powerful South African female voice in the hair and make-up space. If you want to look good over the holidays, she’ll have the tips, alright. 

Miranda Dlamini

If you’re looking for a Gen Z trend-setter who has it all together Miranda Dlamini’s shrewd business and financial know-how is bound to ensure you have a spoiling December  (and a worry-free January too).