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Macworld: Tap and type anywhere

MeshWe has announced the Bluefin, an accessory that easily joins an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Its minimalist design meshes perfectly with your Apple input devices while giving you maximum control over your multi-touch computing experience. With Bluefin you can click, type, tap, swipe, zoom and gesture from anywhere you want – lap, desk, or sofa – completely untethered.

Ergonomic Control

Together with the Magic Trackpad, Bluefin provides a much-needed improvement in ergonomic computing, helping to prevent injuries caused by repetitive strain and stress by giving you the freedom to dynamically adapt your work setup to suit your different needs.

Minimalist Design

Bluefin makes it effortlessly easy to transition from using your input devices on your desk to using them on your lap, and its minimalist form won’t take up any additional workspace. With your devices connected together in one streamlined unit, it’s easy to move them wherever you need them to be.

Right and Left Hand Compatible

Bluefin’s versatile design allows you to position the trackpad on either side of the keyboard, easily accommodating both left and right hand setups. Bluefin adapts to the way you naturally work.

Full Device Support

Since Bluefin fully supports the base of your input devices, you can take full advantage of your Magic Trackpad’s “press-to-click”” feature without any impairment or loss of functionality no matter what type of surface you use it on. Instead of binding your input devices together at their edges or encasing them on all sides, Bluefin leaves the top surface of your input devices completely free from obstruction, so there’s nothing to interfere with typing on the keyboard or clicking along the edges of the trackpad.

Assembly is a Snap

With Bluefin, connecting your keyboard and trackpad couldn’t be easier. There are no extra parts or pieces to assemble, fuss with, or lose. Once connected, Bluefin holds your devices securely in place, keeping them connected together even when turned on end or upside down. High-friction silicone feet help prevent the assembly from sliding on smooth surfaces, keeping your control devices right at your fingertips.

Mac HTPC Command Center

Bluefin’s stylish design and full-featured functionality make it the ideal solution for taking control of your Mac-connected home theater setup. Whether you’re connecting through a MacBook or a Mac mini, Bluefin makes controlling your Mac on the big screen a breeze. You’ll love how easy Bluefin makes it to share your digital media with friends and family.

Versatile Control Solution

Bluefin’s ease of use, portability, and sleek appearance also make it the perfect solution for any type of educational or presentation environment, such as a classroom, boardroom, or creative studio. Its original form and unique functionality are sure to impress any audience. No matter where you use your Apple input devices – on your desk or on your lap, from the sofa or from the lectern, in the boardroom or in the bedroom – Bluefin gives you unparalleled freedom and flexibility over your wireless multi-touch computing experience.

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