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3D for the desktop

Platinum Micro has introduced a new 23-inch 3D desktop monitor from AOC. The monitor connects to most computers via HDMI and also includes a speaker.

According to Martin Kruger, product manager at Platinum Micro, the introduction of 3D technology is a leap forward especially for gamers and other performance users who are constantly seeking new horizons in cyber-reality. ‚With the AOC e2352Phz, 3D comes to the desktop in a 23-inch display which features Flicker Free 3D technology using passive polarised glasses,‚ he says.

Flicker Free technology means the monitor continuously shows a different image pattern to each eye, without the on-off switching typical of other 3D displays. The result is pleasant, vivid 3D images with a wide viewing angle. The LED backlit panel has a ultra-high dynamic contrast of 20,000,000:1, delivering more depth and detail in darker scenes. Connecting to any PC via its HDMI 1.4a input, the monitor includes a speaker and is ready to play 3D video and sound from the latest consumer electronics devices, including 3D Blu-ray and game consoles. The recommended resolution of 1920x1080p at 60Hz reflects the high-definition expected of a modern display. The e2352Phz carries a recommended retail price of R3499.00.

Simultaneous with the release of the new 3D display, Kruger says Platinum Micro is introducing a 27-inch non-3D model, the AOC E2795VH. ‚With today’s demands on the computer as the centre of entertainment, bigger is better where displays are concerned,‚ he says. However, the E2795VH sets itself apart with an ultra-low energy consumption while delivering high-quality graphics with the same contrast and resolution as its 3D cousin. ‚This LED display uses about half the electricity of similarly sized devices on the market today,‚ he confirms. Recommended retail pricing on this model is R3999.00.

Also introduced is a 24-inch ultra-slim LED TV, the AOC T2442e. Built around the same panel, the TV delivers considerably flexibility. ‚The focus for these TVs is the ability to connect a very wide number of devices: they are ideal as the centre of entertainment, such as in hotel rooms or private bedrooms.‚ Connectivity includes USB, HDMI and HDMI v1.3, CI interface, S-video in, Tuner in, YPbPr & Audio L/R in, CVBS in & Audio L/R in, HDMI V1.3, SPDIF, PC-in, VGA PC Audio in, and Scart. The AOC T2442e is expected to retail at R2999.00.

Notably, Kruger says the new AOC devices are heavy-metal free: in combination with reduced power consumption, that makes for lower environmental impact.

Despite a market for displays which he describes as very competitive, Kruger says the quality, performance and price of AOC products has made the brand a hit in South Africa. ‚AOC enjoys a long brand history as the maker of the first ever colour TVs to enter the US market: that pedigree is reflected in the brand moving to number 4 in the South African market, according to IDC, despite only entering for the first time last year,‚ he notes.

Backed by a 3 year warranty with support handed by CRT, the AOC monitors are available immediately.


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