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MacWorld: Kids’ apps for iPad

The Look and Find suite of applications, available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will keep children amused for hours. They let children pinch, pull and touch in order to locate the hidden ‚find ems’ from a variety of busy scenes.

When Look and Find Santa from Publications International, landed in the iTunes store this Holiday season, it kicked off a chain reaction of fun for inquisitive kids. The Holiday app offers all of the excitement of the Look and Find brand of books and is now available in app form on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Coming soon in 2011, the Look and Find suite of apps will allow kids to pinch, pull and touch to locate ‚find’ems‚ and ‚super secret find’ems‚ from a variety of super busy scenes.

Available in the iTunes store for $1.99, the apps treat kids to fun music, sound effects and funny animations. If a super secret find ‚em is uncovered, kids can collect it in a digital sticker book. And when a scene is completed, kids see how their score stacks up against other characters.

The app is a family-friendly activity at an affordable price. The app is not “just another app,”” and can be enjoyed by children independent of their parents. But parents also enjoy looking and finding, everyone loves a Look and Find challenge!

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