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Low-code platform comes to CT

Cloud app development technology, previously only aimed at large enterprises, is now available to all African companies

The OutSystems Low Code Cloud platform is now available in Amazon Web Services’ data centres in Cape Town, targeting the entire African continent.

The platform enables customers to build mission-critical apps that can transform the customer experience, accelerate workplace innovation, and optimise the business process”. Due to its location in the AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region, as the local cluster of data centres is formally known, it eliminates network latency and performance issues. 

“The platform will benefit African companies of all sizes with reduced latency, including entities in regulated environments such as banking, insurance, and government organisations,” says Rodrigo Castelo, VP for Middle East and Africa at OutSystems. 

“For SMEs, our cloud app development platform provides access to advanced IT technologies that were previously only available to large enterprises, which will drive further entrepreneurship and innovation. The OutSystems platform offers enterprise-grade security, ensuring applications are secure from design time through deployment and operations.”

“This allows us to extend our offerings to companies throughout Africa, including business value consulting, cloud migration, and – most importantly – our education program to boost talent in the region.”

The multi-year agreement with AWS allows customers to employ enhanced DevOps, data and analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and other AWS services,  in applications ranging from basic to mission-critical.

The platform arrives amid growing demand for cloud-computing services in the country and across the continent, especially in light of the global pandemic that has driven adoption of remote-working policies. According to the Cloud in Africa 2020 report by World Wide Worx, 82% of South African decision-makers increased their cloud services spend last year, followed by 59% in Zimbabwe and 50% in Nigeria and Botswana.

Says Nicolas Pujol, EMEA partner management leader for ISVs at AWS: With the OutSystems and AWS collaboration, developers throughout Africa will be able to build applications more quickly and easily using the OutSystems platform, with benefits like lower latency and compliance with data residency requirements.” 

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