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Look ma, no cables

Bluetooth is no longer a specialist, luxury option. At least, not when Motorola, adds a USB adapter to its growing Bluetooth range. SEAN BACHER does some cable housekeeping.

You don’t get more ready than this: it truly is a plug and play device. Simply plug it into a free USB port and you are ready to connect.

Using the adapter is child’s-play really. However, you might want to get your cellular phone’s manual out if you are unsure about how to activate the Bluetooth option on it. You will also need to know a little about dial-up connections in Windows before you can start. But once you’ve got everything set up and have successfully connected for the first time, you’ll never have to venture into those daunting menu options again.

It sure does. We even got it to work on an Apple Macintosh. And, get this, the Motorola Bluetooth even pairs with other competing phone models. Apart from providing an alternative medium for connecting to the Internet, the Motorola Bluetooth adapter also lets you synchronise your mail, address book, calendar and tasks with your cellular phone ‚ all depending on whether your phone supports these options. Another great bonus is that it allows you transfer files between your phone and computer.

Well, there are other devices out there that do the same job ‚ enabling your computer to communicate via the Bluetooth protocol. But until now these have been costly devices and required quite a bit of expertise to install.

Chances are, if you’re looking at buying the Bluetooth adapter, your computer doesn’t already support Bluetooth. With this in mind, you basically have two choices ‚ you can go out and buy a whole new PC or laptop with a Bluetooth module built in, or you can buy one of these adapters, which will cost significantly less. So in closing, yes, we think it is by far a value for money product.

The Motorola Bluetooth Adapter is available at Lipton Griffon for a price of R890, contact them, on 011 722-4000.

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