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Elegantly Effortless, the Motorola T720i

It seems that with the stiff competition in the cellular phone market, a new model has to be something really special to warrant any attention. Motorola have introduced the T720i, a phone that seems to offer all the modern conveniences one can hope to expect from a cellular phone. ADAM MEGENS gets trigger happy with the new Moto camera-phone.
The battery, a 750 mAh Lilon has to be charged before you can cross start and collect $200. Other than that, you have to insert your SIM card, which can be easier said than done – the little metal clip that holds the SIM in place can be a little bit of a bugger to close without long nails. If you want to start sending candid snaps to all your buddies, make sure you get your service provider to set up MMS on your contract. Also, you must adjust your settings in order to be able to access the World Wide Web. This is no rocket-science though.
An attractive feature of the T720i is its ease of use. I think a big hang-up previous Motorola users had was that the phones required a bit of practice to get used to, however Motorola seemed to have worked hard to overcome this. Basic functions like making a call or selecting a name from the phone book are as simple as pie and the vast majority of functions do not require you to scramble through the instructions booklet irately.
Firstly, it is a phone, and a stunning one at that. Secondly, it has a camera that takes pictures you can send across the world. You can even personalise your phone and download fashionable stuff from the web and you can send messages, convert currencies, calculate brain-numbing arithmetic and so much more. I would say it delivers and then some.
Camera-phones are arriving on the market ten-a-penny these days. So you will unfortunately not be astounded by any features the T720i has to offer. Even Internet access is a rather passé feature on virtually current models. However because of its good looks and ease of use, after testing the phone for only a week I became rather attached to it.
The suggested retail price on the T720i is R2 500. This is by no means highway-robbery when considering the price of cellular phones at the moment. It seems even more reasonable when you take into account the price of a digital camera. My opinion is that the package is quite reasonable, but not as much a steal as the C350. But keep an eye out, as most service providers will probably be offering the T720i free with a new contract.nnFreud said that dreams are wishes, and if that is the case, I’ll be dreaming of a shiny new T720i tonight.

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