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Lockdown dominates TikTok’s 2020 moments in SA

While TikTok stars dominated the platform in 2020, lockdown themes took up half the biggest hashtags.

Given the events that occurred throughout 2020, it is no surprise that the hashtags #lockdownsouthafrica and #boredathome led the most popular moments on TikTok, the popular short-form mobile video destination, in South Africa this year. 

However, despite it being a difficult year, with a global pandemic that resulted in lockdowns, social distancing, and uncertainty, TikTok says the local community of creators in South Africa managed to keep the public laughing while bringing users closer together online. 

Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok content operations manager for Africa says: “Throughout this socially-distant year, the platform allowed its community to stay connected by celebrating trends and spreading positivity. It has been amazing to see vibrant, diverse and creative content coming out of 2020 and we look forward to more of this in 2021.”

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